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New Toy Crazes 2018

The Latest Crazes You only have to look at the fidget spinner to realise how hard it is to predict new toy crazes. Who would have thought a small device that simply spins around would be so big in 2017? So, what are the new toy crazes to hit the playground in 2018? We look at… Read More »

Science Sets

Six Science Sets They’ll Love! Science sets are a great gift for sparking a kid’s interest in all things science-y. Here are six sets, suitable for ages ranging from six years – teen, that prove science is anything but boring. In case you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.… Read More »

The Top Summer Toys 2018

Did you see ‘How to Spend It Well – Home and Garden’ shown on ITV1 a few weeks ago? Presented by Phillip Schofield, the show researched, tested and rated the big-selling items we’ll be buying this summer for the house and garden. Included in this were the top summer toys 2018. Here they are in reverse… Read More »

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

It’s June so that means the Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 must be out! These are the products that top store Argos is predicting will be the must-have toys this coming Christmas. Unicorns feature heavily on the list of 13 top toys. Read our post from last year on the best unicorn toys. There are also… Read More »

Wow Wee Fingerlings

What A Great Collectible The Wow Wee Fingerlings Monkey was one of the stand-out collectibles of 2017. The range has expanded in 2018 and now includes the original six monkeys – Mia (purple with white hair) Zoe (blue with purple hair), Boris (blue with orange hair) Bella (yellow with pink hair) Finn (black with blue hair) Sophie (white with… Read More »

Best Family Games To Take On Holiday

Games For Everyone To Enjoy When we’re away, our family loves to play card and travel games in the evenings. We’re always on the look-out for the best family games to take on holiday. Revisit our blog post from 2017 with details of the games we like to take on holiday. It’s quite a challenge… Read More »

Party Ideas and Inspiration

Celebrate In Style Party Ideas For All Ages What are the best party ideas 2018? We’ve put together a list of what works well for birthday parties (and, in fact, all kinds of celebrations) and what’s new and on trend for parties this year. In case you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve… Read More »

Buying A Paddling Pool

What To Think About When Buying A Paddling Pool The sun’s out and it’s looking good for the week. So, time to think about getting a paddling pool. Here’s a list of things to look for when buying one. Always check the age suitability for each product carefully. Children should be under constant supervision when… Read More »

LOL Surprise Dolls

Unwrapping Fun Here’s The LOL Surprise Dolls! LOL Surprise Dolls are a huge hit worldwide. The original series came out early in 2017, followed by a second series in summer 2017 and series 3 in 2018. They feature on our list of Toy Crazes. New For Christmas was LOL Big Surprise which contains 50 unwrapping dolls. Series… Read More »

What Are Squishies?

The Adorable Collectible Squishies are small soft foam toys that come in many different shapes and sizes. They are currently one of the top-selling Toy Crazes. Not only are they cute and collectible but squishies are also perfectly pocket-sized, which is crucial for a playground craze. See our page on other Toy Crazes. If you… Read More »

STEAM Educational Science Sets

Six Science Sets They’ll Love! I’ve read that 2018 is going to be the year of STEAM (or STEM as it was previously known). STEAM educational science sets are a great gift for sparking their interest in all things science-y. Here are six sets, suitable for ages ranging from six years – teen, that prove… Read More »

8 Slimetastic Slime Sets

Slime Is Still A Big Craze The Slime craze doesn’t seem to be running out any time soon. Here’s our pick of 8 Slimetastic Slime Sets to get you started with slime or create new types of slime in your own home. See also our page on other Latest Toy Crazes. Slime is a bit… Read More »