How To Shop Well Online

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Internet Shopping We Brits are buying more and more stuff online. Everyone is taking full advantage of the convenience and range on the internet. In fact, British shoppers buy more food this way than consumers anywhere else in the world (source Telegraph Business 2/6/17). But there are… Read More »

Party Bag Ideas

How To Cut The Plastic From Your Party Bags In the old days they were called “going home presents” and usually comprised sweets and a balloon if you were lucky. Now there’s a whole industry around party bags and a lot of the fillers are, frankly, a bit rubbish. But how can you cut out… Read More »

Play Ideas For Babies and Toddlers

Let’s Play! There’s loads of play ideas for babies and toddlers available on the internet if you know where to look. We’ve also updated our page with toys for babies and toddlers. Understanding The Importance Of Play Parents understand the importance of play. Not only is it brilliant fun but it also helps with social,… Read More »

Great Games To Help Children With Maths

Maths Games There’s been a lot written recently about the importance of STEAM in education. If you Google it, you’ll find lots of useful stuff about trains – or you may even end up at one of our favourite-ever shops Steamer Trading. Of course, STEAM used to be STEM. The A is for art, added in to… Read More »

Best Family Games 2018

Here’s our pick of the Best Family Games 2018 including board games, physical games – some brand new, some classics or reboots. If you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Related Post about Best Card Games 2018. Best Family Games 2018 – Penguin Pile-Up Amazon Choice Product – Balancing game – For 1-6… Read More »

Toy Industry Predicts The Must Have Toys 2018

Unveiled in January 2018, the Hero Toys 2018 are market-leading products, selected by industry experts, that look set to be the Must Have Toys 2018. They are so new that most are yet available. If you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon where we can. Must Have Toys 2018 – Playmobil Wedding… Read More »

Book Day Costumes

What Are You Going To Wear For World Book Day? World Book Day is on 1 March 2018. Over the years, I’ve done many Book Day costumes for my children – in fact, you name it, I’ve probably cobbled it together. Not many of us has the time to create a costume from scratch. I… Read More »

New Toy Crazes 2018

The Latest Crazes You only have to look at the fidget spinner to realise how hard it is to predict new toy crazes. Who would have thought a small device that simply spins around would be so big in 2017? So, what are the new toy crazes to hit the playground in 2018? We look at… Read More »

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018

We look at best-selling toys, toy trends, educational toys and new releases to bring you our pick of the Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018. See also Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018. In case you can’t find any of these toys and games locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Bloco Dinosaur Imaginext DC Friends… Read More »