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Best Family Games 2018

Here’s our pick of the Best Family Games 2018 including board games, physical games – some brand new, some classics or reboots. If you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Related Post about Best Card Games 2018. Slam It New card game from John Adams. It’s a bit like Dobble. Put your hand… Read More »

Best Toys For Children 1-2 Years 2018

Toys For Toddlers We look at best-selling toys, toy trends, educational toys and new releases to bring you our pick of the Best Toys Children 1-2 Years 2018. See also Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 for older children. In case you can’t find any of these toys and games locally, we’ve included links to… Read More »

Slime Sticking Around in 2018

It’s Still Slime Time Slime is a bit of a generic term to encompass slime, fluffy slime, goo and playfoams. They can be made up from kits or using a variety of ingredients sourced from home or the internet. There was a large slime production operation in the Must Have Toys utility room for much… Read More »

Colleggtibles Are The Collectible Hatchimal

The Small Surprise Hatchimal Colleggtibles are the collectible Hatchimals that are a current big hit. Building on the success of Hatchimals, which were a Must Have Toy from Christmas 2016, they were introduced in 2017. Season 2 is now available. They come in different sizes including single blind bags and double packs with nest. The… Read More »

Best Card Games 2018

Card Games More Popular Than Ever According to MailOnline (sourced 31/12/17), the sales of card and board games soared by 20 per cent last year. They pick out two games – Racing Demons and Exploding Kittens – as likely to remain very popular in the category card games 2018. Here at Must Have Toys, we love card… Read More »