Baby Sensory Treasure Basket

By | 27/03/2017

Baby Sensory Treasure Basket – Hidden Treasure!

The Baby Sensory Treasure Basket is something I’ve been hearing lots about recently. Theses are baskets of hand-picked items designed to stimulate small children’s natural curiosity and encourage discovery and learning.

Baby Sensory Treasure Basket – a simple idea

It’s a simple idea but one that delights and inspires little eyes, ears and mouths enriching a baby’s experience of objects around them and helping them gain confidence in making decisions. You could probably put together one of these yourself but if you didn’t have all the little objects to hand, it might end up costing you more. Buying a new one also means the objects are new, clean and ready for play.

This lovely basket provides interactions with a variety of textures, visuals and sounds. All vital for brain development. It also encourages exploration and heightens curiosity.

I think it would make a fantastic present for a new baby to use when they reach the right age. It’s a refreshing change from all those plastic-y toys you see and looks great. Remember to keep away from pets. Check age suitability very carefully before purchasing.

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