Best New Toys 2018

What’s New in 2018?

COMING SOON – We look at the latest toy trends, toy awards, new releases and updated classic toys to bring you the best new toys 2018.

 Toys For Children 1-2 years

Toys For Children 3-4 years

Best New Toys For Children 5-8 years

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Toys For Children 12 years+

Why it’s useful to know the best new toys 2018

Kids are not backward at coming forwards when it comes to toys. In fact, parents will probably get a good sense of what they like and what they want without even asking. However, it’s useful for other gift buyers, such as grandparents, to understand what are the best new toys.

Why do children love new toys?

All children love a novelty. And, new things are highly prized and toys come top of this list. Sometimes, the desire for a new toys will be ignited by a desire to fit in and be like everyone else.

So, kids will look to other people to see if something is worth having. If a friend, or someone else they admire, has something they think looks good then they may well want it too. But in today’s world, there are many influences past school and friendship groups.

There is a big rise in toy videos on YouTube. Toy unwrapping is currently very popular. In the past, kids would fill their wishlists from the toys they saw advertised during their TV shows. Today, via YouTube and other social media, the video is an ad in itself.

What makes a must have toy?

A ‘Must Have’ Toy is a new or trending toy which is very desirable. However, children don’t find the things they want in toy shops any more. Neither do they get their present ideas from TV ads. Social media is the big driver for the best new toys 2018.

Even kids who are too young for Instagram or Snapchat see new products on YouTube. Furthermore, with the rise of social media, ‘must have’ toys can come and go quickly.

Many vloggers work exclusively to market toys. Indeed, some are very young children who are paid to promote products. The larger brands like Lego have their own channels. Therefore, it can be hard to distinguish what is entertainment and what is marketing.

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big trend. However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time. Others  reinvent themselves to remain relevant in a fast-moving world.


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