The Best Of The Unicorn Toys

By | 14/11/2017

What Are The Best Unicorn Toys?

Anything ‘unicorny’ is a banker present for a little someone in the age 4-12 bracket. And teens are also keen. Here we’re looking at the best unicorn toys and gifts. If you can’t source them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Best Unicorn Toys – Unicorn Wall Hanger

This cute little unicorn sign is an Amazon Best-Seller. It measures 10cm x 10cm and is perfectly priced (under £5) for a small gift.

Best Unicorn Toys

Little Miss Stubborn And The Unicorn

Little Miss Stubborn is certain unicorns don’t exist but when she hears someone has seen one, she has got to find it too!

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – My Fairy Unicorn Garden

This has been selling very well all year. It’s a reboot of the super-successful My Fairy Fairy Garden.
Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Unicorn Shower Cap

Love, love, love this unicorn shower cap.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Playmobil Fairy Unicorn Garden

This is portable playset in the Playmobil fairies range. Features two fairies and a unicorn.

Best Unicorn Toys

Where’s The Unicorn?

Love this. A ‘Where’s Wally’ type book but with unicorns. Just to prove anything can be ‘unicornified’.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Schleich Rainbow Unicorn

We love Schleich animals. They are such high quality and you will keep them forever. This is their Rainbow Unicorn.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Scooterheadz Unicorn

Scooterheadz produces lots of different heads for scooters. They fit most T-bar scooters but check specifications carefully before making a purchase.
Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Despicable Me 3 Unicorn

We think the DM3 was partly responsible for keeping the unicorn trend going. This is the little unicorn from the film in lovely soft plush. Available in two sizes.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Skip Hop Zoo Pack

Skip Hop is a favourite brand of ours for the younger backpacks. Here’s their unicorn pack.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Lamaze Pram Unicorn

You can start them on unicorns early with this cute pram toy from Lamaze.

Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys – Beanie Boo Fantasia the Unicorn

This cute unicorn from Beanie Boo wins an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ reserved for highly rated, well-priced products available to dispatch immediately.

Best Unicorn Toys

Why are we so fascinated with unicorns?

For thousands of years, people have imagined horned horse-like animals with magical powers. In recent times, unicorns have come to signify something extremely rare or unique.

Furthermore, unicorns are now associated with rainbows and sparkles. They seem to have taken over from mermaids as our mythical creature of choice. A recent invention is ‘unicorn’ toast which is made with sprinkles and possibly even a touch of gold or silver.

Tap in to your aspirations and love of all things bling with a unicorn.


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