Big Beard Battle – A Fight For Your Facial Hair

By | 09/06/2017

Big Beard Battle

A Brand New Family Game For Ages 4+ (2-4 Players)

Big Beard Battle is a new family game released in the UK at the end of May 2017. It’s based around a memory game. The spin of a wheel dictates whether you grow your beard or get it cut off. First beard to four is the winner. We’ve featured it in our list of Games For Christmas 2017.


Big Beard Battle New Board Games Must Have Toys UK

Why We Love Big Beard Battle

Growing your own beard and snipping off someone else’s adds to the fun and hilarity of this game.

This is the perfect game for families of four but can be played with only two players.

It reminds me a bit of Pie Face in the physical aspect of it but it’s not as messy.

There’s a memory aspect to the game too.

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Playing Games With Your Family Is A Great Idea

Families who play board games and card games together build special bonds. The games teach important social skills such as taking turns and following rules. They also help children (and maybe adults too) understand the benefits of not giving up. As children get older, they can learn about strategy and game-play.

Remember to choose the right game for the right aged child. A kid may become demoralised if they have to play games intended for older people. Some games such as Dobble are great for all ages because adults don’t have any advantage over the kids.

Our favourite game

A big favourite of our family’s is Logo. Some questions relate to products that are new to market and some which are very old. It gives all ages a chance to win and progress. The unanswered questions are passed to the next person which adds a lot of excitement to that game.

Memory games are great for boosting your child’s memory. They also help improve concentration, enhance cognitive skills and boost the brain functionality. I think they also play a role in helping young children keep focus. It’s a good way to learn how to think fast which is a useful skill for life.


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