BRIO wooden playsets that stand the test of time

By | 13/05/2017

BRIO – the wooden toys from Sweden

Parents will remember BRIO wooden toy trains from their own childhoods. You can take a walk down memory lane on their website where you’ll see images of toys you’ll remember like the race car, which is an iconic design.

But BRIO stands the test of time. The cars connect with magnets and are easy for young children (the age-range is 3+) to push around the tracks. The toys also look really good and are something to invest in.

Rescue Fire Fighter Set

The Rescue Fire Fighter Set won the Wooden Toys category of The Best New Toys 2017 as announced at The Toy Fair in London.

BRIO Rescue Fire Fighter Set

Here’s what BRIO says about the Fire Fighter Set:

‘There’s a fire near the forest, they need your help! Fill the Fire Train with with water at the docking station as quickly as possible. We don’t want the fire spreading. Meanwhile the Fire Engine travels to the ‘shout’ with its loud Siren and bright lights. Thankfully this fire is under control as it has be put out with the extendable hose on the train wagon.’ It contains the following:

  • Train Engine
  • Trailer with Hose
  • Fire Engine
  • Docking Station
  • Tree
  • Fire
  • Firefighter
  • Level Crossing
  • Ten Pieces of Tracks

Fully compatible

Each set is fully compatible with other BRIO sets, tracks and trains. Furthermore, all products are made from very high quality plastic and Beech wood from sustainable sources. And the Trains, Wagons, Carriages, and Road Vehicles all feature the classic magnetic couplings allowing for easy connection to each other.

BRIO has been making wooden toys for over 100 years

 The company was founded in the small town of Boalt in 1884 by basket maker Ivar Bengtsson. In 1908 Ivar’s three sons took over and founded BRIO, which is an acronym for BRöderna (“the brothers”) Ivarsson [at] Osby. In 2006 the company moved its headquarters to Malmo. It is now owned by Ravensburger.


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