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Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts are great fun but they are also important to help children with their personal, social and creative development.

Arts And CraftsArts and crafts enable children to explore sensory experiences and learn how to communicate ideas and meanings. They learn how to appreciate their work and that of others. As they develop as artists or creators, they also learn to love art and design in the wider world.

Art is an important part of STEAM education, the A is for art. Learning to use a wide range of art-related tools, machines, materials and systems will help children and young people develop skills for the workplace. Art and crafts are also a good way to grow confidence in all other subjects and important life skills.

There are many kits that allow children to get crafty and develop their art skills in a play setting. Popular toys include My Fairy Fairy Garden, Paint and Mould Dinosaurs and many more.

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