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Fancy Dress

Dressing up in Fancy Dress is an important part of growing up. Children love creating and wearing costumes and outfits that allow them to become another character who lives in a different world.

Fancy Dress

Fire Their Imaginations

Make Believe and Pretend Play are important types of play for children. Creative costumes add another dimension to this play and help take them to other worlds and really fire their imaginations. This helps them learn important skills and understand other people better. There’s a lot of dressing up in schools for this very reason. But it’s also brilliant fun and children will get great enjoyment and excitement in becoming someone else.

World Book Day and Roald Dahl Day often involve dressing up. Your child may also want to dress up as a historical figure or character from a TV show or film. Of course, fairies, princesses and super-heroes remain firm favourites.