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Games And Puzzles

What are the best games and puzzles for children and families? Family games help build ties and bonds between siblings and parents. Great family games include Dobble, Monopoly (now available in many different versions) and Logo.

Games and puzzles

Physical games such as Pie Face, Toilet Trouble, Don’t Be A Donkey and Big Beard Battle are currently very popular indeed.

Educational games such as Rat A Tat Cat, Bananagrams and Pop To The Shops help learning with matching, counting and spelling as well as other strategies.

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big trend. However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time. Some of these reinvent themselves to remain relevant in a fast-moving world. Others create many different versions of themselves to appeal to niche markets. A great example of this is Monopoly.

Puzzles such as Rubik’s Cube have been popular for years. Jigsaw puzzles are always popular. 3D jigsaw puzzles add a new dimension.

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