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Top Toys

The Top Toys are new or trending toys that look set to be popular this year in the UK. They could be ‘crazes’ or bigger, higher value toys. Unlike some other blogs, we don’t just list toys that are popular at Christmas. Elsewhere on our site, there are more established toys that are also ‘must-haves’. These are toys that have stood the test of time.

Top Toys

What makes a top toy? The best ones engage a child’s imagination and creativity as well as supporting their learning. They also need to be fun. There isn’t a recipe for a good toy but it needs to catch the eye quickly. Social media is a great way of doing this with many toy trends now starting on YouTube.

Categories of UK Top Toys include: STEAM (STEM) toys, Playground Toy Crazes, Baby And Toddler Toys, Sports And Outdoors, TV And Film, and Arts And Crafts.

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Presents For Boys

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Mums’ Choice Awards

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Top Toys 2017

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