Christmas Must Have Toys

What Will Your Kids Want This Christmas?

What are the latest Christmas Must Have Toys? Here’s the Christmas predictions from major retailers such as Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Smyths and Hamleys as soon as they are released. And there’s also the award-winning toys of 2018 from trade bodies and suppliers.

It’s never too early to start buying Christmas gifts especially if you want a bargain. Plus, you can get the hottest toys before they sell out.


There are ten top Christmas Must Have Toys on Amazon’s Christmas list this year. Keep checking our Facebook page for discounts on all these Christmas gifts from Amazon.

Amazon Christmas Toy List


On Smyths’s list for 2018 are 15 toys. Included are toy crazes such as Treasure X and LOL Surprise Under Wraps which both also appear on Argos’s Christmas Predictions this year. Harry Potter LEGO, Nerf Laser Ops, Poopise Unicorn Surprise, Paw Patrol and Boxer the robot also feature.

Smyths Christmas Toys


Hamleys Christmas Toy List 2018 includes Nerf Ops Pro Alphapoint which also features on all the other lists we have so far. There is also Harry Potter LEGO which is on our Must Have Toys 2018. Hamleys includes several Christmas gifts that we have on our Toy Crazes page including LOL, Elasti Plasti and Hairdorables.

Hamleys Christmas Toy List 2018


Argos always predicts early for Christmas. There are 13 gifts from them this year. Their Christmas Must Have Toys feature the unicorn toy trend with three related presents. Read our post from last year on the best unicorn toys. Unicorns are still a huge toy trend for Christmas 2018. There are also three Fingerlings toys (see our post on Fingerlings) and like Argos’s Christmas list last year, LEGO and Paw Patrol feature again.


In 2018, John Lewis and Partners predicted their Christmas gifts before the schools went back in September. They include three of their own brand gifts in the list of ten Christmas Must Have Toys. There is only one tech toy but two LEGO products for the oldest and youngest LEGO fans. The lowest priced toy is the iTop which is also on our list of Latest Toy Crazes.

What makes a Must Have Toy For Christmas?

Must have toys for Christmas are new or trending toys which are very desirable as gifts. However, children don’t find the presents they want in toy shops or catalogues these days. Neither do they get their gift ideas from TV ads. Social media is the big driver for the best new toys 2018.

Even kids who are too young for Instagram or Snapchat see new toys on YouTube. Christmas gifts are often found this way. Furthermore, with the rise of social media, the most wanted toys can come and go quickly.

Many vloggers work exclusively to market toys. Indeed, some are very young children who are paid to promote products. The larger brands like LEGO even have their own channels. Therefore, in the world of toys, it can be hard to distinguish what is entertainment and what is marketing.

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big toy trend. However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time. Others  reinvent themselves to remain relevant in a fast-moving world.

The appeal of new toys

New things are always highly prized. Children love a novelty especially when it comes to toys. They will look to other people to see if something is worth having. If a friend, or someone else they admire, has a present they think looks good then they may well want it too. This is how crazes take off.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why one thing is popular but another isn’t. Toy marketeers are always looking for toy sensations among the Christmas Must Have Toys. All the big retailers and trade bodies produce lists of Christmas Must Have Toys to help parents find the presents that kids want the most.

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