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By | 07/09/2017

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017

What are the best Christmas Presents For Girls 2017? Here’s our predictions of the Hottest Christmas Toys For Girls 2017. Part of our Must Have Toys Xmas 2017.

Christmas Presents For Girls

Our Predictions For The Top Toys For Girls Christmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Little Tikes Cozy Chariot

New for 2017, we love this Little Tikes Cozy Chariot! The horse head moves from side to side making realistic horse clopping sounds. There is a floor to protect little ones feet when adults are steering. Then when little one’s are ready to take the reins simply removed the floor board and they can drive themselves. Read our article about Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – a must have toy. This is also on Amazon’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas.



Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Barbie Rainbow Light Up Mermaid

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Part of the Dreamtopia range, this is a beautiful Barbie that is sure to be treasured by any little girl. Watch her tail glimmer when dipped in water. We also like the Barbie Walk And Potty Pup too but our favourite current Barbie is Scientist Barbie.




Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Bloopies Baby Sweety

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Another water-loving doll that’s proving popular on our site. The Bloopies range are super-cute and look set to be a hit this Christmas. They squirt water out of their mouths when you press their tummy. Bath-time will never be the same again!




Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Unicorn Garden

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017My Fairy Unicorn Garden is the new product from the people behind My Fairy Fairy Garden which has been a huge success this year. It’s the same idea as the fairy garden but this time with the added appeal of unicorns. Unicorns have been trending for a while now but made a bit of a splash in the new Despicable Me movie. We say they are going to be well-received at Christmas too. Read our article on My Fairy Fairy Garden.



Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Bush Babies Dream Tree

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Bush Babies are a cute new soft toy with six characters to collect. They have proved popular with young girls. The Dream Tree is a little home for a bush baby collection and their little pods. It comes with Bush Baby Niki and her pod, the others you can get separately. We think this is a good playset with lots of possibilities for imaginative play.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Hama Beads

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017We had a bit of a Hama Bead Factory going on when my girls were young. The finished products actually look quite impressive, and make good presents for Grandparents and Teachers. Out of all the crafty things that were around then, this was the one that was the one that seemed to keep them occupied the longest. The small sets are good as Stocking Fillers too.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Hatchimals

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 HatchimalsOK parents, on your marks, get set, go and get your Hatchimals before they sell out! Remember the big hoo-ha last year where the most-wanted present was the hardest one to find? The Glittering Garden Penguala (pictured) is one of the new range of Hatchimals this year. Also new this year are Colleggtibles including the Mini Clip-On Surprise, which is an Amazon best-seller.

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Kinetic Sand

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017This is a new sandbox from Kinetic Sand. We love this product which really taps in to the current trend for slime/tactile toys. The amazing thing about Kinetic Sand (and don’t ask me why) is it never dries out. I like this sandbox because it can be used as a play area as well as storing the sand.



Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Oonies

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017As a mother of girls, I predict this is going to be the next big must-have toy in the crafty, make and do world. This mini balloon model-maker caught my eye on YouTube via the New York Toy Fair. Read our article about Oonies.



Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Heartlake Hospital

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Lego Friends is a hugely successful brand aimed at girls. We had them when my children were younger. The key thing I like is that they enjoy playing with them once they are built as much as constructing them in the first place. I’ve listed this new set Heartlake Hospital because it’s a bit unusual. Argos is predicting the Lego Friends Catamaran will also be big this Christmas. Lego Friends Roller Coaster was named Toy Of The Year 2017 in the annual TOTY awards.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Cra Z Gels Sticker Art

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017This is a cool new crafty product at under £20. This set makes approximately 50 3D stickers using the funky pens included. The stickers can be peeled off and re-stuck (thank goodness, there’s nothing worse than a sticker that stays stuck). I can see these being a hit on phones, books, school bags as well as little friendship gifts etc.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Chocolate Sprinkle Stix

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Chocolate Sprinkle Stix is a little snack making set from John Adams. It was named one of the Best New Toys 2017 at the Toy Fair in London earlier in the year. One of only three products mentioned in the ‘Creative’ section. You use your own brand of breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles, using the set to dip the sticks in chocolate before blasting them in sprinkles. You may also remember the John Adams Lolly Maker which was a huge success a little while ago.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Chippies Robot Dog

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017Hot on the heels of the WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey, this little robot dog looks set to be a big seller at Christmas. Last year, it’s big brother the Chip Robot Dog was very popular. This little guy (comes in three different colours) is a trainable robot dog. At under £50 it is a good price point for Christmas. Go get ’em!


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – 3D Printer Pens

This 3D Printer Pen is a best-seller on Amazon with a retail price lower than you might think. It works in the same way as a 3D printer but this way, you can create objects free-form. You can literally draw in 3D with it. Comes with a year warranty. Please check age suitability carefully for this product.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Sound Moovz

Sound Moovz is the new wearable motion-activated musical band and app. You make music by movement rather than dancing to the beat. Moving your wrists or ankles activates SoundMoovz bands to send a Bluetooth signal to the SoundMoovz app on your hand held device. In the app are 400 pre-set sounds to choose from, create; beats, rhythms, music and more. Also on Harrods Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2017.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Sew Cool Style and Sew Craft Kit

This is a new product, an update of a previous version, which gives users the chance to make projects with a little sewing machine (and pom pom attachment) without the difficulties of a regular machine. There are five projects to complete. You can buy extra stuff to make more things.


Christmas Presents For Girls 2017 – Springfree Trampoline

Christmas Presents For Girls 2017This is what my children want for Christmas! The Springfree trampolines are pretty impressive. I viewed one the other day and will be writing about my impressions soon. Safety is a key feature of the design. You also getting more bouncing area for your space. Read our article on picking a trampoline. Not a cheap present but our existing one has been the best thing we’ve ever bought in terms of how much it gets used. A great way to get them exercising. Be sure to check age-suitability carefully and read the safety literature very carefully indeed.


PS Mid-December Update

Santa tells us these toys are selling very well in the run up to Christmas. At the time of writing, all have good prices on Amazon. We’ve included links there in case you have trouble finding them locally.

Fantastic Gymnastics Game

Fantastic Gymnastics

Baby Annabell

baby annabell

Play Foam

In line with one of the year’s biggest toy trend this foam (suitable for younger children but check age-suitability carefully) has been on the Amazon best-selling lists all year.

Play foam

Furreal Roarin’ Tyler

One of the Must Have Toys this Christmas.

Furreal Roarin Tyler


Sylvanian Starry Point Lighthouse

On the list of Best New Toys 2017.

Sylvanian Starry Point Lighthouse

Gibson’s Wrapped Up For Christmas Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

There is nothing better than a jigsaw at Christmas.

Gibsons christmas jigsaw

For smaller toys and gifts, see our post on Stocking Fillers, for Games see our post on Games For Christmas.

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