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By | 05/10/2017

Christmas Presents For Teenagers 2017

What are the best Christmas Presents For Teenagers 2017? Here’s our predictions of the Hottest Christmas Gifts For Teens 2017. We’ve got teens so this is our specialist subject area. Also see  Toy Crazes – all teens love a craze!

Everything Everything – Best-selling book, now a film.

Lumie Alarm Clock – The body-clock alarm that wakes you up slowly with gentle light.

Photobooth Props – They’ll be snapping these pics all over Xmas.

American Candy – Thanks to Urban Outfitters and others, this is a big thing for teens at the moment.

Schleich Unicorn – You are never too old for a unicorn.

RC Flying Ball – Motion-sensitive flying ball.

Hype Backpack – Practical backpack from the label they love.

Yankee Candle – Iconic brand with pure, natural spice extracts.

Emoji Cushion – Funky filled pillow.

Pretty Little Liar Sweatshirt – For all those PLL fans. Comes in 12 colours.

Chewbacca Electronic Mask – Open your mouth to hear him roar.

Pastel Highlighters – Slightly more subtle highlighters.

Queen For The Day – Inflatable crown.

LEGO Creator London Bus – LEGO for teens and adults.

Fossil Hybrid SmartwatchActivity tracking with calories and steps measurement. Blue-tooth enabled. 

Dash Robot – A great way to get in to coding.

Build A Robot Arm – Self Assembly Kit.

Amazon Gift Card – Comes in a cool tin.

Star Wars Dobble – Best-selling game with Star Wars pics.

Pie Face Sky High – Updated version of the best-selling game.

Hair Chalks – Temporary hair colour.

Desk Tidy And Tape Dispenser – Perfect for a teen’s desk.

Nintendo Switch – You’ve seen the ads, now get switching!

Exploding Kittens – Best-selling and very entertaining card game.

Instapix – My teens are desperate for one of these cute mini instant cameras.

Intruder Alarm – From the Science Museum range of gifts.

Real Techniques Core Collection Make-up Brushes – Brushes are big for teens and this is the brand they want most.

Alexa Dot – On every teen’s wishlist.

Ask An Astronaut by Tim Peake

Why are teenagers so hard to buy for?

Christmas presents for teenagers are incredibly hard to buy. It’s the best feeling in the world if they are genuinely pleased with a gift you’ve given them. It does take quite a lot of time and effort to tap in to the things they may want. I hope the list above helps. I was also reading an online publication from last year and came across some pretty cool gifts which would still please a teen. In case you can’t get them locally, I’ve included links to Amazon.

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder – this is a really clever gift. In fact, I’d quite like one myself. It’s a polish holder that attaches to the hand you’re painting. I should think it really cuts down on drips. Another gift that was around quite a lot last year is the mini smartphone projector. You can sit the family down and go through all the thousands of pics on your phone one by one. It’s like the slide or movie projection evenings we used to have when I was a child.

You can never go wrong with a set of Beats or a pair of Vans although trainer fashion does tend to change very quickly these days. Teenage girls love Links of London and Pandora. We’ve included a very clever smartwatch on our list of presents for teenagers but Casio is a watch brand – especially the retro digital watches – that was hot last Christmas and is still going strong.


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