Games For Christmas 2017

By | 21/09/2017

Games For Christmas 2017

Please note – this post is from 2017. For the latest games for all the family see our page on Family Games.

What are the best Games For Christmas 2017? Here’s our predictions of the games that will be the best-sellers this Christmas.

Games For Christmas 2017

Our Predictions For The Top Games For Christmas 2017

Games For Christmas 2017 – Fizzy Dizzy Hippo

Take turns to flick the umbrella and then press the drinks can. The winner is the one who gets the hippo’s tummy to pop! This is a Tomy game and won best in its category in the Best Toys of 2017.


Games For Christmas 2017 – Silly Sausage

This quick-reaction game was a big hit last Christmas and it’s still popular. Kids love the sausage character.




Games For Christmas 2017 – Poopyhead

What can I say? Your kids will love this.




Games For Christmas 2017 – Egged On

New for 2017. This is a game of Egg Roulette. Warning – it could get messy but it’s one for the Pie Face Generation.




Games For Christmas 2017 – Gassy The Cow

New For 2017 is Gassy The Cow. We had to include it because of the tagline: Will she moo or will she poo?




Games For Christmas 2017 – Big Beard Battle

This is a great game where you have to fight for your facial hair. It’s a hipster’s dream. Read our post on Big Beard Battle.




Games For Christmas 2017 – King Pong

New For 2017, this looks set to be a big seller at Christmas. It’s a crazy action bouncing ball game for 2, 3 or 4 players.




Games For Christmas 2017 – Simon

As featured in Despicable Me 3. See our post on The Best Despicable Me 3 Toys.





Games For Christmas 2017 – Pie Face Sky High

Already nearly 2000 reviews on Amazon, this is going to be huge at Christmas. Get it while you can.





Games For Christmas 2017 – Dobble

Best-selling card game on Amazon. Has well over 2000 5* reviews. A brilliant game for all the family and perfect to take on holiday. There is also Star Wars DobbleRead our post on Dobble.




Games For Christmas 2017 – Randomise

Simple drawing game with endless possibilities. Creative and fun. Also good value for money.






Hilarious game where you have to guess the accent. Also has an expansion set with film quotes.





Bears vs Babies

New from the Exploding Kittens people, this is a monster-building game in a very striking box.




Exploding Kittens

Another Amazon best-seller. Read our post on Exploding Kittens.




Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Already a huge best-seller on Amazon. This is the Christmas game for Games Of Thrones fans.





Now That’s What I Call Music Board Game

This is on my Christmas list but the kids will love it too. How has it taken so long for the Now board game to come out…?




And look out for Toilet Trouble, the only game on this year’s list of Dream Toys and Igloo Mania, as featured on This Morning. Also see Don’t Be A Donkey – one of the top three toys on How To Spend It Well At Christmas.


Many of these games are brand new so we haven’t had a chance to test them except where stated. Please check age-suitability carefully before making a purchase. Happy Christmas Shopping!

Except where stated, all views are our own. Sometimes toys and games are listed for certain age-groups or genders. This is only a guide to reflect popular search terms. We’re not making any judgments or recommendations. Please check suitability – including age suitability – very carefully before making a purchase. This page contains affiliate links – what does this mean?

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