Best family games to play in the garden this summer

By | 29/05/2017

What Are The Best Garden Games And Activities?

Summer’s finally here and we’re looking at great family garden games. The best family games are quick to set up and dismantle. Ideally, they are also easy to store. Larger versions of indoor games are always popular. Badminton works well because it’s simple to play and easy to set up nets are now widely available. Garden quoits is a classic favourite. And if the sun’s out, there’s nothing more fun than the Slip N Slide. See also our article on paddling pools.

Here’s some more ideas. All links go to Amazon.

Mega Hi-Tower

This is a tall version of a Jenga-style game where you take a block each time with the aim of keeping the tower standing. Suitable for ages 8+. You can also get a multi-coloured kids’ version.


Garden games - Mega Hi Tower


Swingball is the long-time favourite among garden activities. This version packs away into the base for easy storage and has a built-in scoring system. There is also ‘First’ Swingball for younger players.


Garden games - Swingball


Badminton is a great garden game because you don’t need too much space and it’s easy to pick up. This is a good starter set at under £20.


Garden games - Badminton


Inflatable Fun Roller Wheel

Out of all the inflatables for the garden, this one looks the most fun. Includes pump.


Inflatable Fun Roller Wheel


Kids’ Archery

This archery set, which is an Amazon Best-seller, also includes a blow-pipe dart shooter with suction pads. Suitable for ages 3+.


Garden games - kids' archery


Very popular game where you throw the rings to score points. This one is suitable for 14 years+ but you can get a Kingfisher version for ages 5+.


Garden games - Quoits

Slip N Slide

When it’s hot in the garden, the Slip N Slide comes out! This one is the double ‘racer’ version suitable for 5-12 years.

Garden games - Slip N Slide


This isn’t really a frisbee but it is a brilliant flying ring. Great fun for throwing. We also like the Nerf Howler for a slightly noisier throwing game!


Garden games - Aerobie


The classic garden game. This version is cheap to buy and great fun to play.

Garden games - Boules

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