Goldie Blox – Getting girls into STEM

By | 08/05/2017

Goldie Blox – Engineering aimed at girls

Goldie Blox is a STEM toy to get girls interested in engineering. See our page on STEAM Toys.

According to the Royal Academy of Engineering there is a shortage of engineers and scientists in the UK. This is despite the fact that these areas are two of the fastest growing areas of job creation.

Furthermore, fewer girls study science, engineering and technology subjects at A Level and only 14% of engineering students at university are women. STEM toys like this one are aimed at addressing this issue by giving children a taste of engineering at an early age.

Getting kids interested in engineering

Goldie Blox was founded by US engineer, Debbie Sterling. It introduces engineering concepts to girls at an early age. It is a way of giving girls the opportunity to contribute to the progress made by engineers in our society.

Goldie Blox and the Builder's Survival Kit - STEM toys

Who is Goldie Blox?

Goldie Blox is the world’s first girl engineer character. She also features in her own books which complement the engineering sets. The sets introduce the real-life concepts of mechanical engineering.

Above is the builder’s survival kit which features 11 ideas to build including: a doghouse, teacup ride, derby car, drum set, noisemaker and guitar. In total, there are 190+ pieces including stickers, paper construction pieces and a storybook.

And all Goldie Blox toys work together. They are perfect for creative exploration. This kind of STEM toy also encourages various skills and confidence in problem-solving.

Reviewers on Amazon say children can follow the instructions to build the projects by themselves. The age suggestion is about 7 years+.

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