The Hover Cart

By | 02/04/2017

An ingenious idea for Hoverboards and Balanceboards

Remember Hoverboards/Segways/Swegways/balanceboards? Well, now you can transform them in to a Go-Kart using a very simple but clever idea called the Hover Cart.

The Hover Cart is a conversion kit which attaches to the Hoverboard. It comprises a frame, seat and third small wheel in front for stability. There are also steering handles by the seat to control it. So, you now do with your hands what you used to do with your feet.

Consequently, some reviewers have said it has enabled them to get more use out of their hoverboard while others believe it has added another dimension to it. Especially relevant for parents are the reviews that comment on increased safety.

According to PC Advisor (sourced 2/4/17) it is “simply awesome” and we also agree.

Finally, this is a new trend/idea so you can probably expect more to come on to the market in the near future.

Disclaimer – we haven’t tested any of these hovercarts but have included snippets from real Amazon reviews.

Go HoverKart Monster Hover Cart

According to an Amazon customer (review posted on 14/4/17 and sourced on 17/4/17) the Hoverkart Monster Hover Cart is “strong, sturdy and easy to control”. The same customer said they “… bought this product as I lost interest in my Segway and wanted something to make it more fun and useable again, and this product has done just that!”

The Go Hoverkart Hover Cart fits all sizes of Hoverboard/Segway/Swegways with adjustable leg frame length and comfortable suspension arms and springs.

Go HoverKart Monster Hover Cart

The Bluefin Hover Cart

Below is the latest 2017 version of the Bluefin Hover Cart. According to the manufacturer, this is the only one on sale in the UK with a full one-year guarantee. Furthermore, it comes with an updated dual bar system for super-strong and safe construction.

Bluefin Hover Cart

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