Kinetic Sand – the magic sand that never dries out

By | 12/05/2017

Kinetic Sand – squeezable sand you can’t put down

Kinetic Sand is a toy that’s been well-tested here at Must Have Toys Towers. It looks and feels a bit like wet sand but is softer and lighter.

Incredibly, Kinetic Sand will never dry out so you don’t need to worry about storing it in air-tight containers etc like you would with Playdough, for example. It holds its shape very well so you can make sculptures with lots of detail.

It does seem to capture the imagination of children and provides hours of creative fun. See our Pinterest Page about this amazing product.

It’s not messy!

Mums will love it because it doesn’t make nearly as much mess as other creative activities. Hands stay clean and it’s easy to squish down and put back in the box when you’re finished. We play with it on a regular drinks tray but the kit below has the sand-tray included. This kit is the current best-seller in Art Sand on Amazon. It’s well-priced for a present if your child is attending any birthday parties in the near future.

Kinetic Sand

Beautiful sand sculptures

My daughter tends to use the sand for making landscapes and the sort of sand-castle structures she would create at the beach. Think also of those sand sculptures you see artists making in shopping centres.

Our Kinetic Sand is sand-coloured but you can now get it in a variety of different colours.

Relaxing and soothing

Rather like the current craze for Slime (read more about toy crazes here) Kinetic Sand is incredibly relaxing and soothing to play with. It reflects a big trend in tactile toys. While I was doing research for this blog post, I found myself sort-of hypnotised watching a YouTube video of someone simply letting it melt through their fingers. It has such an amazing texture that adults may find they enjoy playing with it too.

What is Kinetic Sand made of?

Of course, you must tell your children it is magic but in fact, it comprises 98% sand and 2% polymers. It is non-toxic but should not be kept out of the way of animals as it could harm them if eaten.


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