Kitty Surprise – The Surprise Is The Kits

By | 09/10/2017

Kitty Surprise – Everyone Loves A Kitten

Kitty Surprise is all over the TV ads right now. There’s a lot to love about these little cuddly friends which come complete with a surprise number of kittens. There could be 3, 4 or 5 little kits inside her fur. If you can’t get a particular one locally, we’ve included links below:

Jilly Is White And Purple

Kitty Surprise JIlly

Sasha Is Ginger

Kitty Surprise Sasha

Siena Is Tortoiseshell

Kitty Surprise Siena

Kitty Surprise is completely adorable

Each Mummy cat has a heart-shaped pendant, sparkly cat collar and brushable hair. Collect all the different cat/kitten families. The toys are very soft and offer lots of opportunities for different types of play. This is a reboot of a toy from the 1990s (hands up who’s noticed lots of 1990s culture coming back?). It really taps in to the whole surprise unwrapping toy thing that is so popular right now. You can also get Surprise Puppies which are just as cute, especially this tie-die one:

Kitty Surprise Puppy Surprise

Soft toys teach important skills

A child’s first toy may well be a cuddly teddy or other animal. As they grow older, stuffed toys allow toddlers to try out their people skills and learn new vocabulary. This is because they interact with their stuffed toy as they would a living thing. They also help many young children become more independent and provide comfort on occasions. We always used to send the toy elephant in to nursery, for example.

I’ve read that pre-school children also express emotions through role-playing with dolls and animals. I think this is probably true. We used to have tea-parties with the toys. The girls were always highly animated when talking to their toys, giving them each their own personality and back-story. They were also good for encouraging them to share and show kindness, important skills to master.


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