Must Have Toys 2018

What Are The Latest Must Have Toys?

Here’s our selection of Must Have Toys 2018. Here at Must Have Toys, we are always searching for the latest trend. It might be at a toy or tech fair, via toy awards, top toy listings and best-sellers, or tie-ups with TV or movie franchises.

Must Have Toys 2018 Girls

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Must Have Toys 2018

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Must Have Toys 2018 Babies And Toddlers

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What Were The Must Have Toys 2017?

That’s our round-up of the Must Have Toys 2018 but what were the biggest hits last year?

Fidget Spinners

You can’t have missed the Fidget Spinner craze of 2017. They were part of the whole fidgeting/soothing trend. As well as being fun, it was also a good way to give young brains a rest from flicking between social media, online games and Netflix. For some, they help increase focus.

You hold them between a thumb and finger of one hand and use the other to spin them. With practice, you can spin them with one hand or even on the tip of your finger. They also spin on a flat surface. Fidget Spinners come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Some change colour and light up. They also fit nicely in a pocket – the biggest requirement for a successful playground craze.

Many people thought fidget spinners lasted a long time for a trend. They were regularly sold out at toy stores and online. And they spawned a whole lot of new fidgeting/soothing trends. At the time of writing, fidget cubes are still going strong.


Remember the Hatchimals of Christmas 2016? They were sold out everywhere and parents were paying huge sums to import them etc. Hatchimals proved to have stick-ability with other products of note coming out during the year including Colleggtibles and Hatchimals Surprise at Christmas 2017.

Star Wars

The end of 2017 saw the release of the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi. There was a great deal of anticipation about the movie with many, many Star Wars branded toys and games available including LEGO, Top Trumps and Funko POP Vinyl Figures. These figures are starting to crop up everywhere. We saw loads of them on our US trip in the summer and all the Harry Potter ones are available to buy in Waterstones.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a hugely popular animated TV show for pre-schoolers featuring rescue dogs and teen owner Ryder. Whenever someone is in trouble they decide which of the dogs is best equipped to assist and head off to help out. Due to the helpfulness of the dogs, the show teaches children about good citizenship and problem solving. Furthermore, there is always a happy ending. Ryder’s catchphrase at the end of each mission is: “Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help!”

The year started with the Paw Patrol Terrain Vehicle featuring on the list of Best New Toys 2017. At exactly the mid-point of the year, Argos released their Christmas List and the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller featured. It also popped up on the lists of Amazon, Tesco and Smyths and was one of the twelve Dream Toys 2017 selected by the Toy Retailers Association.

LOL Surprise

One of the biggest hits of the year was the LOL Surprise Dolls. This cleverly reflected the huge ‘unwrapping’ craze on YouTube. The LOL dolls had two series during 2017, and featured on the Christmas Lists of Tesco and Smyths with their huge LOL Surprise unwrapping toy. Unfortunately, this was very hard to find and received some negative reviews concerning value for money.


What does STEAM stand for? It’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Art. These toys have an educational side related to one or more of these areas of learning. They are perfect presents for curious children and help make science fun. STEAM toys such as robots are Must Have Toys 2018.

Examples of these toys range from slime making kits to solar robots. Educational Toys on Amazon has links to games, jigsaws, robots and construction kits amongst many others. Here are the top toy picks from The British Science Association. Parents love STEAM toys because they help children get more out of their learning in a fun way.

How To Spend It Well At Christmas

This interesting show tested all the must have toys and games at the end of 2017. Their top three was LEGO Boost, Cozmo Robot and Don’t Be A Donkey family game. On the subject of games, following the success of Pie Face at Christmas 2016, a lot of the must have games were more physical ones including Toilet Trouble and Egged On. But card games also did well – Exploding Kittens goes from strength to strength.


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