Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Here’s our pick of the must have toys Xmas 2017. Click on the images for more details. All these toys are in Amazon’s Christmas Store. See also our post on Christmas books.

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Dream Toys 2017

Dream Toys

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Girls

Christmas Presents For Girls

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Boys

The Best Christmas Presents For Boys 2017

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers 2017

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Babies and Toddlers

Also see Amazon’s Baby Gifting ideas.

 Must Have Toys Xmas 2017 For Babies And Toddlers

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Pre-schoolers

Must Have Toys 2017 For Preschoolers

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Games For Christmas

 Games For Christmas 2017 Must Have Toys UK

Must Have Toys Xmas 2017

Christmas Presents For Teenagers – also see our post Present For A Teenager

Christmas Presents For Teenagers 2017

What Were The Must Have Toys 2016?

We tend to think of ‘must have’ toys as a bit of a flash in the pan. However, many of the stand-out toys and games from 2016 are still proving popular. You may remember these from last year.


One of the stand-out toys was Hatchimals. The press was full of stories of parents paying huge prices for the must-have toy of Christmas 2016. Hatchimals are robot creatures that hatch from an egg. Exactly how long it takes the egg to start hatching depends on how the child plays with it.

In 2017, the people behind Hatchimals have brought out Colleggtibles. These are very strong sellers on Amazon and will be big for Christmas this year. Also new are Hatchimals Mystery Mini Sound Clip-ons and Hatchimals Surprise.

Hatchimals Surprise features on the Christmas Toy Lists from Argos and Hamleys. There seems to be good stock around of these Hatchimals.

Little Live Pets

Another huge toy for Christmas 2016 was Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy. For 2017, the stand-out life-like animal is Furreal’s Roarin’ Tyler. This appears on the lists of John Lewis, Smyths and Hamleys.

Lego Friends Rollercoaster

Lego is always a big seller at Christmas. One of the biggest sellers was Lego Friends Amusement Park Rollercoaster. Lego Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster was awarded Toy of the Year 2017 in the annual TOTY awards. According its website (sourced 24/4/17), these US awards are “…frequently referred to as the “Oscars” of the industry”.

Nerf Elite

Nerf Blasters are huge toys for kids aged 8 years+. The Nerf Elite was a big-selling toy last Christmas. It fires darts up to 27 metres from a 25-dart drum. You can now re-order Nerf darts via Amazon’s new Dash Button. Several Nerf products feature on the Christmas Lists this year. These aren’t just for boys – my girls and their friends really enjoyed playing Nerf games at a weekend away this summer. Nerf Nitro Longshot features on this year’s list of Dream Toys 2017.

Games for Christmas 2016

Here at Must Have Toys, we love games. There were a couple of stand-out games last Christmas. One was Pie Face which was very popular with teenagers as well as younger kids. We played it at our New Year’s Eve party and it went down really well. The game has been updated a couple of times this year including the popular Pie Face Showdown and for Christmas, the Pie Face Sky High.

Another game that flew off the shelves was Silly Sausage. It’s a quick reaction game for ages 7 years+. Many reviewers say it is a big like the Hasbro game Bop It! and children love the sausage character.

Speak Out! was a very popular game for Christmas 2016. The original version is for older kids but this year there’s a Kids vs Adults Speak Out which is excellent to play with the family.

The only game to feature on the Dream Toys 2017 is Toilet Trouble. We think this is going to be this year’s Pie Face.

What Are The ‘Must Have’ Toys From The Big Shops?

The top retailers predict the top toys for Xmas 2017. These are likely to be the best-selling toys that are most in demand – the ‘must have’ toys for Christmas. We are monitoring the lists from the most famous names in toy retail. Also announcing in November are the Dream Toys 2017. These are the best toys for Christmas this year as chosen by the independent toy retailers.

AmazonTescoJohn Lewis, Hamleys, Harrods, Smyths and Argos have all made their predictions. Most of these lists come out between the time when the schools go back in September and Halloween. Here’s the toys that currently feature most frequently on the lists.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Paw Patrol is a hugely popular animated TV show for pre-schoolers featuring rescue dogs and teen owner Ryder.

Cozmo The Robot

Cozmo, from Anki, is one of the most sophisticated consumer robots available today.

Lego Boost

Lego Boost is already a HUGE seller on Amazon and also features on the Christmas List of Argos and Harrods.

Hatchimals Surprise

The Hatchimals are back!

Furreal Roarin’ Tyler

The friendly tiger with life-like qualities.

P J Masks Headquarters

Tall playset from P J Masks.


The life-like doll that is much in demand this year.

LOL Big Surprise

Very hard to find right now. Includes 50 surprise unwrapping dolls.


Except where stated, all views are our own. Sometimes toys and games are listed for certain age-groups or genders. This is only a guide to reflect popular search terms. We’re not making any judgments or recommendations. Please check suitability – including age suitability – very carefully before making a purchase. This page contains affiliate links – what does this mean?