LEGO New Releases 2018

By | 10/08/2018

What’s New From LEGO In 2018?

LEGO fans will be pleased to see new LEGO 2018 including Star Wars, Friends, Technic, Disney and City. LEGO is a classic Must Have Toy and always features heavily on the Christmas Toy Lists of the largest retailers and industry experts.

Also see Amazon’s LEGO store where you can browse by Latest Arrivals, Best Sellers, and by Age and Theme. Also see the best-selling LEGO sets on Amazon updated hourly. These are typically below £20, with many around the £12-£15 mark – great for birthday presents. In case you can’t find these locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Fantastic Beasts LEGO

Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter (see Hogwarts Castle below) are all new for 2018. Here’s Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures. We predict these sets will be huge at Christmas. Suitable for ages 8-14 years.

new lego

New LEGO 2018 Airshow Jet

Small LEGO set at well under £10 which is an Amazon best-seller. Includes a pilot minifigure. Suitable for ages 5-12. A great gift for a children’s party.

new lego 2018

New LEGO 2018 Jurassic World – Indoraptor Rampage At Lockwood Estate

New Jurassic World playset for ages 8-12 years. The building is on three levels and the contents includes the characters Owen, Claire, Maisie, Mills, Wheatley and Eversol, plus an Indoraptor and baby Velociraptor figure.

New Lego 2018

New LEGO 2018 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Brand new Harry Potter LEGO for ages 9-14 years including the very impressive Hogwarts Great Hall.

New LEGO 2018


New LEGO 2018 Disney Princess Fairytale Castle

For Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty fans aged 6-12 years. This is a modular fairytale castle with balcony, vanity and a bed with hidden storybook tile, plus Maleficent’s lair with throne. Includes Aurora and Maleficent mini-doll figures, plus a good fairy and a bunny figure. Dimensions are 76 cm x 2.82 m x 2.62 m. We also like the new Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat with a revolving dancefloor.

New LEGO 2018

New LEGO 2018 – Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Massive new LEGO set for ages 9-14 years with nearly 1500 pieces.

new lego 2018

New LEGO 2018 Star Wars Darth Vader

For Star Wars fans aged 9-14 years. Buildable Darth Vader figure in textile tunic and cape, detailed armor and chest decoration, wheel-operated arm-swinging function and a removable helmet revealing Anakin Skywalker’s face. As you can imagine, there’s loads of new LEGO Star Wars to coincide with the release of the Last Jedi in December. We also like the Sandspeeder set for ages 7-12 years.

New LEGO 2018

New LEGO 2018 Monster Truck

For LEGO City fans aged 6-12 years. Features a monster truck with huge wheels and a buildable ramp with truck driver minifigure. Other new LEGO City sets include the Mountain Police Headquarters featuring a mountain lion.

New LEGO 2018

New LEGO 2018 Friends Art Cafe

For LEGO Friends fans aged 6-12 years. This cafe has a hinged art area, panini machine, coffee machine, cash register, seating area, opening shutters and bench outside. Also includes Emma and Prankzy mini-doll figures. We also like the LEGO Friends Friendship House – a more expensive set featuring a wonderful four-storey house.

New LEGO 2018


New LEGO 2018 Racing Yacht

For Technic fans aged 8-14 years. This is an authentic replica of a real-life racing yacht, featuring colourfully printed sails with lines and winches, detailed hull and a working rudder with wheel and tiller steering. For older LEGO Technic fans aged 10-16 years, new for 2018 is the LEGO Technic Rally Car – a more expensive set that features working steering and suspension.

New LEGO 2018

Why is LEGO a classic must have toy?

LEGO is a timeless toy. With more than 70 years of construction excellence, the LEGO name is an abbreviation of the two Danish words leg godt, meaning “play well.” In terms of sales, it is the world’s sixth-largest manufacturer of toys.

It encourages exploration as well as creative and imaginative play in children as young as one-year-old starting with Duplo. Many adults still enjoy building LEGO creations with sets such as LEGO Technic and Architecture.


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