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By | 23/01/2018

The Latest Crazes

You only have to look at the fidget spinner to realise how hard it is to predict new toy crazes. Who would have thought a small device that simply spins around would be so big in 2017? So, what are the new toy crazes to hit the playground in 2018? We look at toy trends from 2017 and new releases 2018.

Visit our page on Latest Crazes for more examples of all these toy trends.

New Toy Crazes – Squishies Are Still Cool

Well-priced – Satisfying to squish – Often scented – Portable – Collectible – Unusual.

At the time of writing, 14 of the best-selling products in Toys & Games on Amazon are squishies. Squishies are small, soft, foam toys that come in many different shapes and sizes. They tap into the tactile/slime craze. Anyone who’s ever squished a squishy will tell you how satisfying and strangely calming it is. Many are scented too. Read our post on Squishies.

Current best-sellers include: unicorns (the unicorn trend is still going strong), watermelon and strawberry, coffee cup and popcorn cup. Smooshy Mushies are new products with fairly limited current availability, that combine the squishy craze with surprise, collectible toys. Check delivery times carefully as many squishies come from overseas and can take a while to arrive. Also check age appropriateness before buying.

Our favourite squishies

New Toy Crazes – Slime Is Sticking Around

STEAM elements – Arts and crafts – Satisfying to squish – Many varieties to discover – Gooey.

Slime can be made up from kits or using a variety of ingredients sourced from home or the internet. They are all squishable in a highly satisfying and relaxing way. Furthermore, a good slime won’t stick or mark. This was a craze that grew out of social media especially YouTube. If you don’t want the fuss of assembling all the ingredients, there are plenty of kits around. There are many variations on slime around including goops, foams and putties. There was some bad press about putties recently so check the products carefully before purchasing. Baby Centre has a video about making your own gloop for toddlers.

latest toy crazes slime

new toy crazes fluffy slime

New Toy Crazes – Collectibles Are On Trend

Collectible – Fun – Becoming the must-have toys – Many possibilities for play.

According to Toy World Magazine (sourced 8/1/18), 10% of the value of all toys in 2017 was collectibles. Collectibles is an area that really grew and expanded across different categories last year with the stand-out brands being LOL Surprise, Fingerlings Pet Monkeys and Hatchimals Colleggtibles. LOL Surprise and Fingerlings Monkeys were joint winners of the prestigious Toy Of The Year Award (link to PR Newswire). Go to our Latest Crazes page to see a full list of new collectibles including Mini Boos, LOL dolls, Poopeez, Squish Dee Lish, Cheeki Mees, Baby Secrets, Flush Force, Smashers, Pikmi Pops, Cake Pop Cuties, Smooshy Mushy and Exoginis and many more. This page is updated regularly.

Latest Toy Crazes

New Toy Crazes

 New Toy Crazes – Pebbles And Puzzles

There are suggestions across the internet that pebble painting (or rock painting) is set to be the big new craze. This seems to follow on naturally from the big ‘colouring in’ craze of a couple of years ago. Often they may contain inspirational quotes and are posted to social media when they’re found. We’re monitoring the sale of pebble painting kits accordingly.

And Rubik’s Cube has been in the best-sellers list on Amazon all year. It was also named Retro Toy Of The Year at the Toy Fair in London January 2018. Just saying…

New Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes Down The Years

Back in the day, it was the hula-hoop, Yo-Yo and the Rubik’s Cube. In fact, sales of the Rubik’s Cube have been increasing recently. Could it be that we’re in for another Cube Craze…?

We had double-dutch skipping and hopscotch crazes too. For boys it was mostly trading cards and stickers.

More recently Squinkies, Loom Bands, Tsum Tsums, Zhu Zhu Pets, Silly bandz and Moshi Monsters have all trended in our house. Sometimes, it is the oddest things that take off – there was a mini pumpkin craze one Halloween at my daughter’s school.

Personal experience suggests these crazes and trends are at their height between the ages of 7-12 years.

Many toy crazes get banned from the playground

Also, you know a craze is a craze when it is banned from school. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Lots of crazes are reinvented time and time again. Rubik’s Void is an example. This is a reinvention of the incredibly popular Rubik’s Cube which was around in the 1980s. Then you had to buy a book to find out how to solve it. Today kids can just jump to YouTube where the solutions can be found in minutes. Also new for 2018 are Rubik’s Juniors – easier puzzles in the shape of animals.

Children love new toy crazes

Children love a craze because they love novelty. If something’s new, they want it. Kids don’t have the same ability to wait for things. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for adults. Furthermore, children are influenced by friends and other kids around them. This could be people on social media as well as real-life friends and acquaintances. If someone they admire has something, they may well want it to because they want to be like that person.