Oonies Mini Balloon Craft

By | 05/08/2017


The Clever Craft Kit We Predict Will Be Huge This Christmas

Oonies are little inflatable balloons that magically stick together. They start life as small pellets in a variety of colours. Inflate them using the Starter Pack. Oonies stick to themselves to create small balloon models. Make whatever you want but animal models look particularly good.

Oonie Starter Pack

This is the Oonie Starter Pack. It includes the little machine that inflates the balloons together with accessories such as eyes, mouths, noses, ears, wings etc. Furthermore, extra pellets can be bought as required.

Oonies - mini balloon craft kit

Oonies on YouTube

We discovered Oonies on YouTube. There are a few tester videos from US Vloggers that give you an idea of how they work. I like the one by Toy DayCare, a vlogger who discovered Oonies at the New York Toy Fair in February 2017. It’s a quick video demonstration which really does illustrate how easy it is to construct some very cute balloon models.

A good kids’ craft kit needs to be quick and simple to use. Children today aren’t going to spend hours on the finer detail. The Oonie inflator only takes seconds and then you can move on to decorating and creating. It’s a good outlet for a child’s imagination to run riot. Lots of the examples of Oonie models I’ve seen are animals – fish, pigs (the pigs are super-cute), dinosaurs, caterpillars, fish, chicks and dragons.

Age Suitability

Oonies are suitable for children aged 5 years+. As with Loom Bands, Hama Beads and all those craft kits with small pieces, be careful to keep them away from small children and pets. Furthermore, the mini balloons are tough but can be popped.

What’s included in the starter pack?

As well as the Oonies inflator, the starter pack also includes 36 pellets, six Oonie connectors, 18 Oonie deco bits and six display connectors, 12 Oonie eyes and the instruction manual.

We know lots of parents are already buying for Christmas and Oonies are likely to be a sought-after gift. Here is the starter set ready to be packaged up and sent to a relative.


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