The Best Of The Play Kitchens

By | 19/05/2017

The Best Of The Play Kitchens

We had a couple of play kitchens when my children were younger. One was very small, made of plastic and worked well when they were quite tiny. You could wheel it around which was handy.

The other was a larger pink wooden one which was a thing of absolute beauty. There were lots of compartments and things going on both sides. When the girls grew out of it, we passed it to a friend. And they passed it on too. It made me very happy thinking of all those little children enjoying playing with it.

KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchens

In fact, it was a bit like this play kitchen from KidKraft which is suitable from 3 years. It has an oven, microwave and washing machine with see-through doors. There’s also a fridge and removable sink, which is handy for cleaning.

Kidcraft Wooden sweet treats pastel play kitchens

KidKraft also does this vintage style wooden kitchen in pink, red and white. I love the old-style phone.

Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchens Pink

KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchens Red

KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchens White

And this “gourmet” corner kitchen which is perfect for a few children to play with at one time. Or to fit in a corner of your big kitchen.

KidKraft Corner Play Kitchens

For a more modern look, this sleek kitchen has lights and sounds too!

KidKraft Corner Play Kitchens with lights and sounds

Viga Wooden Play Kitchens

If you have limited space, this is a good-looking wooden kitchen from Viga which features a stove, sink, cupboard, cabinet and range of accessories

Viga Wooden Play Kitchens

Teamson Kids Wooden Play Kitchens

Teamson Kids does this wooden range cooker that reminds me very much of an Aga.

Teamson Kids Wooden Range Cooker

They also do a wooden kitchen, with plenty of space for hanging utensils, in a neutral navy blue colour.

Teamson Kids Wooden Play Kitchens Blue

How about this cutting wooden pizza toy to  cook in your play kitchen? It cleverly sticks together with velcro so is easy to ‘cut’ with the wooden knife!

Viga Wooden Cutting Pizza

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