Plum Wooden Growing Swing – from babies to teens!

By | 02/05/2017

Plum Wooden Growing Swing – A swing they’ll never out-grow

The problem with large outdoor toys is they are a big investment and quickly out-grown. That’s why the Plum Wooden Growing Swing is such a clever idea. The frame and seat are adjustable to suit everyone from babies to teens.

Plum Wooden Growing Swing


Plum growing swing – up we go!

Set it to the smallest height and it’s perfect for babies to enjoy their first swing. The seat has a high back for support and an adjustable lap belt harness with a clip fastening for getting them in and out safely. Furthermore, there’s also a front T-Bar and soft ropes for babies to hold on to.

You can raise the wooden frame and extend the swing seat ropes to full height. The three-stage seat can be adjusted as your child’s confidence grows. For toddlers, leave on the supportive back rest and lap belt for reassurance. Ready to swing to the skies? Remove the back support and safety harness for a child’s swing seat. Strong and long-lasting

Strong and sturdy FSC timber

Made from strong and sturdy FSC certified timber, Plum’s Growing Swing Set has been pressure-treated to guard against wood rot and insect damage for long-lasting fun.

The wooden frame and seat is converted quickly and easily back to a baby swing set by removing the leg extensions. The Plum Wooden Growing Swing has cross braces for additional stability and is supplied with ground anchors.

We wrote about the Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe, which is another clever toy that grows with the child. I hope manufacturers are starting to realise that parents want toys and equipment that are designed to last, even with growing children and families. So, not only do they help you save money but they’re much more eco-friendly and sustainable in the long run.

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