Present For A One Year Old

By | 06/06/2017

Present Ideas For A One Year Old

Are you looking for great gifts for a toddlers? Here are our present ideas for a one year old, clockwise from top left.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Playmobil 1.2.3 Petting Zoo

The Playmobil 1.2.3 Petting Zoo is a great way for toddlers to experience looking after animals. Includes two Playmobil figures, seven animals and lots of accessories. Suitable from 18+ months.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Toot Toot Drivers Garage

The VTech Toot Toot Drivers Garage is a bright and colourful interactive garage. It comes with a cute Toot-Toot Drivers Tow Truck plays songs, phrases and fun sound effects. Suitable from 1 year. Read our article about the Toot Toot Drivers Garage.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Hide N Squeak Eggs

The Tomy Hide N Squeak Eggs are a classic. They are great for shape sorting and motor skills. Crack them open to reveal the brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks. Our kids absolutely loved these. Suitable from 6 months.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Aquadoodle

This is the classic Aquadoodle. Kids can trace letter and number shapes on the mat. The Aquadoodle pen uses only water and makes the drawings come to life. When the water dries, the drawings fade away like magic. Suitable from 18+ months.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Wheelybug

The great thing about the Wheelybug is its multi-directional castors that offer easy manoeuvrability and limitless mobility that toddlers love. The easy-to-grip handle bar means the Wheelybug can be used as a push along toy when babies or toddlers are taking their first faltering steps. The small version is suitable from 1 year.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Duplo My First Cars And Trucks

Duplo is the classic building toy for young children, from LEGO. The cars and trucks set includes three wheelbases and a crane. Use the decorated bricks to build new vehicles of your own. Suitable from 18+months.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Dance And Move Beatbo

This is a large, multi-coloured dancing toy. Beatbo gets his hips shaking and head nodding. Activiate Beatbo by pressing his tummy or buttons on his feet. Also comes in pink colours. Suitable from 9+months.

Present Ideas For A One Year Old – Nuby Octopus Bath Toy

The Nuby Octopus Bath Toy floats around the bath tub. Throw the rings to hook on to his tentacles. BPA free. Suitable from 18+ months. Children should always be supervised in the bath.


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