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By | 16/12/2017

What Are The Best Presents For Girls?

Our pick of the best presents for girls. Here at Must Have Toys, we are always searching for the latest trend. It might be at a toy or tech fair, via toy awards, top toy listings or tie-ups with TV or movie franchises. Of course, these toys and games are not just for girls but we use this classification to reflect popular search terms. If you can’t find any of them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Presents For Girls LOL Big Surprise

So highly sought after, this was near-impossible to find before Christmas. Amazon has it back in stock now.

Presents For Girls LOL Big Surprise

Presents For Girls Dolls’ Pram That Converts To A Pushchair

City Neo is a modern-designed combi doll’s pram and suitable for dolls up to 52 cm. It’s height adjustable and you can put the carry case in either way – just like the real ones. Easily converts to a jogger pushchair. Folds up easily – which is key as I can see they will want to take this everywhere they go.

Presents For Girls Barbie Dream Horse

This is Barbie’s most interactive horse yet. It features more than 30 realistic reactions including walking forward and turning around. You can also feed it with the carrots included and groom its super-long curly mane and tail with the brush. We also like the Barbie Walk And Potty Pup too but our favourite current Barbie is Scientist Barbie.

Presents For Girls Bloopies

Another water-loving doll that’s proving very popular. In fact, it was the best-selling bath toy in the UK (NPD Aug-Nov 2017 – as reported in Toy World Magazine). The Bloopies range are super-cute. Baby Sweety is pictured above, this is Baby Lovely. They squirt water out of their mouths when you press their tummy. Bath-time will never be the same again!

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls My Fairy Unicorn Garden

My Fairy Unicorn Garden is from the people behind My Fairy Fairy Garden which has been a huge success. It’s the same idea as the fairy garden but this time with the added appeal of unicorns. There doesn’t really seem any end to the unicorn trend. Read our article on My Fairy Fairy Garden.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Bush Babies Dream Tree

Bush Babies are a cute new soft toy with six characters to collect. They have proved popular with young girls. The Dream Tree is a little home for a bush baby collection and their little pods. It comes with Bush Baby Niki and her pod, the others you can get separately. We think this is a good playset with lots of possibilities for imaginative play.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls were a huge success in 2017. The original series came out early in the year with a second series out in the summer. New For Christmas was LOL Big Surprise which contains 50 unwrapping dolls. This featured on Christmas Toy Lists of Tesco and Smyths but was often out of stock. Series 2 featured on the list of Dream Toys 2017.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Hatchimals Surprise

One of the best selling toys at Christmas 2016 and 2017 with the Colleggtibles popular all year. The ‘hatching’ craze is far from over! Below is Hatchimals Surprise.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Kinetic Sand

This is a new sandbox from Kinetic Sand. We love this product which really taps in to the current trend for slime/tactile toys. The amazing thing about Kinetic Sand (and don’t ask me why) is it never dries out. I like this sandbox because it can be used as a play area as well as storing the sand. This is still a big favourite at our house.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Enchantimals

The Enchantimals are lovable dolls who have a special bond with their animal friends. They even share some of the same characteristics. Together, they live in a fantastical world where fun and adventure are right around every corner. This multi-level playhouse is where Prue Panda lives. She comes with the playhouse as does her panda friend Nari, a table, chair, bench, two loos, bunk beds and themed accessories. Reviews on Amazon (sourced 8/11/17) say it is ‘huge’, ‘much bigger than it looks’, ‘easy to put together’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sturdy’. This was one of the Dream Toys 2017.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Aquabeads

Aquabeads have been around for a while. My teens used to have a big thing for them – as well as Hama Beads – and I recommend both. They seem to be on the way back with some interesting sets. This is the starter one. You create your design and set it with water. I have no idea how it works but the results are impressive. Make sure you keep them away from small children and pets.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls LEGO Friends Catamaran

LEGO Friends are always Must Have Toys. The catamaran was new in 2017 and recommended on the Argos Christmas List.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Cra Z Gels Sticker Art

This set makes approximately 50 3D stickers using the funky pens included. The stickers can be peeled off and re-stuck (thank goodness, there’s nothing worse than a sticker that stays stuck). I can see these being a hit on phones, books, school bags as well as little friendship gifts etc.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Oonies

This mini balloon model-maker caught my eye on YouTube via the New York Toy Fair last year. We tested it with a family member who loved it although take care because some of the parts on the machine could break with rough handling. It’s a fun, crafty set that allows you to make some really impressive little models. Read our article about Oonies.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Chippies Robot Dog

This little guy (comes in three different colours) is a trainable robot dog. New in 2017 from WowWee who made the Fingerlings Baby Pet Monkey.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls 3D Printer Pens

This 3D Printer Pen is a best-seller on Amazon with a retail price lower than you might think. It works in the same way as a 3D printer but this way, you can create objects free-form. You can literally draw in 3D with it. Comes with a year warranty. Please check age suitability carefully for this product.

Presents For Girls


 Presents For Girls Sound Moovz

Sound Moovz is the new wearable motion-activated musical band and app. You make music by movement rather than dancing to the beat. Moving your wrists or ankles activates SoundMoovz bands to send a Bluetooth signal to the SoundMoovz app on your hand held device. In the app are 400 pre-set sounds to choose from, create; beats, rhythms, music and more. Had very positive reviews on last year’s How To Spend It Well at Christmas.

Presents For Girls

 Presents For Girls Sew N’ Style Machine

This is a new product, an update of a previous version, which gives users the chance to make projects with a little sewing machine (and pom pom attachment) without the difficulties of a regular machine. There are five projects to complete. You can buy extra stuff to make more things.

Presents For Girls

Presents For Girls Fantastic Gymnastics

Very popular at the end of last year. Fantastic Gymnastics is a physical, reflex game where you have to get the gymnast to land perfectly to win. Our testers thought this was an incredible game but it does take time to work out how to get the gymnast going before you can get him to spin round and release.

Presents For Girls Play Foam

In line with one of the year’s biggest toy trend this foam (suitable for younger children but check age-suitability carefully) has been on the Amazon best-selling lists all year. Won’t dry out!

Except where stated, all views are our own. Sometimes toys and games are listed for certain age-groups or genders. This is only a guide to reflect popular search terms. We’re not making any judgments or recommendations. Please check suitability – including age suitability – very carefully before making a purchase. This page contains affiliate links – what does this mean?

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