How To Shop Well Online

By | 21/02/2018

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Internet Shopping

We Brits are buying more and more stuff online. Everyone is taking full advantage of the convenience and range on the internet. In fact, British shoppers buy more food this way than consumers anywhere else in the world (source Telegraph Business 2/6/17). But there are some key things to remember when you’re shopping in your PJs – here’s how to shop well online.

how to shop well online

Shop Well Online – Buy through a site you trust

It makes sense to buy from a reputable seller – a big company with a well-known name. We only work with Amazon because it’s easy to track packages and make returns if necessary. They work with other retailers through their Marketplace so you get this access but under the safety of the Amazon framework. See Amazon’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas. If you’re using a smaller firm, it’s a good idea to find them online or through Google rather than clicking on a link from an email. This might help protect you from email scams that link to copycat sites. Most savvy people know this but when you’re checking out, always ensure there is https in the address bar.

Shop Well Online – Check prices carefully

The internet is a good way to compare prices but shopping around takes time. You may decide it’s worth paying more to buy from a trusted seller rather than trawling through the price comparison and voucher code sites. And, a great deal isn’t as great if the delivery charges are sky-high. A trusted site offering free delivery and returns (this may be very important if you order multiple items to check sizing) may be cheaper in the long run.

Shop Well Online – See how long it takes to arrive

You may choose to buy online because you want something to arrive quickly. Amazon Prime is a good idea if you buy lots of stuff from them – and there are other benefits as well as Unlimited Free One-Day Delivery on millions of items. It’s a good idea to try Prime free of charge before you commit so you can see how much use you get out of it. These days, latest crazes and trends often come direct from the manufacturer overseas and may take a considerable time to arrive. Check the delivery times carefully before you buy.

Shop Well Online – Check specifications carefully

Be sure to check the actual size, colour and quantity of goods before you buy. Online pictures can be very deceptive. I think I’m quite savvy but I’ve bought travel-sized beauty products and enormous Easter eggs when I’ve wanted a normal/medium/regular item. Everything looks the same size on the internet. Read the description carefully because the picture might not show the reverse of a product which has a detail that’s important. Also, some retailers do not guarantee you will receive a certain colour of product.

Shop Well Online – Read reviews but keep perspective

Reviews are a great way for consumers to share knowledge and provide useful feedback for retailers. But always look at the broader picture of reviews. Do not be put off by the odd negative one – the reviewer may have an axe to grind.

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