8 Brilliant Shopkins Gifts

By | 26/05/2017

Shopkins Gifts For Shopkins Fans

Shopkins is a range of  collectable characters in the shape of different grocery store items. But apart from the toys themselves, what are the best Shopkins gifts around?

Storage For Your Shopkins

As with any collectable toy, you need decent storage. This useful organiser stores 12 baskets, 62 bags and 250 figures over 3 levels.

Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Storage Box


Shopkins Skater Dress

This is a brilliant dress for a Shopkins fan. It’s official merchandise and available in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 years.

Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Skater Dress


Shopkins nightie

Comes in sizes up to 6 years. Good value for money. Short-sleeved so perfect for summer.

Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Nightie


Shopkins Crayola Stamper Marker

Add little Shopkins icons to pictures and art projects. Good birthday present at under £5 (price correct at 26/5/17).

Shopkins Gifts Shopkins Crayola Stamper Marker

Shopkins Guess Who

Guess Who with a Shopkins twist. Suitable for ages 3+.


Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Guess Who

Shopkins Donut Pyjama Case

This is such a cute PJ case and would look great on the bed of any Shopkins fan.

Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Donut PJ Case


Shopkins Duvet Set

All Shopkins fans should have a Shopkins duvet. This one has a reversible design.


Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Duvet Set

Shopkins Back Pack

This one makes a great school-bag as it has multiple pockets. With the slogan ‘Besties For Life’.

Shopkins Gifts - Shopkins Back Pack


More about Shopkins

Shopkins are brightly coloured figurines, roughly an inch tall, have each been given their own face, name and personality.

They come with toy shopping bags and baskets. You can buy different grocery store play sets to put them in.

The slogan is “Once you shop… You can’t stop.”

There are hundreds of different characters to collect including rare, ultra rare and special edition figurines.


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