8 Slimetastic Slime Sets

By | 07/03/2018

Slime Is Still A Big Craze

The Slime craze doesn’t seem to be running out any time soon. Here’s our pick of 8 Slimetastic Slime Sets to get you started with slime or create new types of slime in your own home. See also our page on other Latest Toy Crazes.

Slime is a bit of a generic term covering stretchable slimes and goos, as well as softer moulding slimes, putties and fluffy slimes. Read descriptions carefully to ensure you are getting what you want and, of course, check age-suitability before making a purchase. If you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Fluffy Slime

Ready made fluffy slime (our favourite type!), this is an Amazon best-seller. A good starter slime because it’s not sticky and you can use add-ons like glitter, foam beads, food colours etc to create your own unique slimes.

slime sets

12-Pot Slime Sets

This set comprises 12 little pots of slime and offers lots of opportunity for creative play including moulding and blowing bubbles. An Amazon Choice Product.

slime sets

Play Foam

Not the same sort of slime as the sets above but this play foam is a sensory play product that can be moulded, squeezed and squished. It is mess-free and won’t dry out.

slime sets

Slime Sets – Slime Baff

This is a fun set from Zimpli Kids where you can turn your bath in to a slime bath. Contains one pack for a special, slimey bathtime.

slime sets

DIY Fluffy Slime

This fluffy slime set is an Amazon Choice Product. It’s more of a moulding set, not stretchy like some slimes. Comes with 36 colours and three tools for making little models.

slime sets

Slime Sets – Cra-Z-Slimy Creations

Great kit to make oozy, gooey, stretchy slime. Suitable for ages 6+. Lots of possibilities for personalising your slime with glitter and neon colours.

slime sets

Slime Sets – GALT Slime Factory

A fun kit with eight slimy activities. Test the different slimes, make your own tubs of goo and learn all about slime along the way. Create a glow in the dark slimy Slither, a gummy alien and a bouncy putty ball.

slime sets

Slime Sets – The Science Of Slime

Slime is even educational! For older children (8 years+), with this kit you will be able to learn the methods behind making your own play dough, create fantastic yucky slime and silly play dough.

slime sets

Please check suitability – including age suitability – very carefully before making a purchase. We only test products where stated. This page contains affiliate links – what does this mean?

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