Slime Sticking Around in 2018

By | 08/01/2018

It’s Still Slime Time

Slime is a bit of a generic term to encompass slime, fluffy slime, goo and playfoams. They can be made up from kits or using a variety of ingredients sourced from home or the internet.

There was a large slime production operation in the Must Have Toys utility room for much of 2017. However, it’s much easier to just buy a kit. If you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Please check age-appropriateness carefully before making a purchase.

All slimes are all squishable in a highly satisfying and relaxing way. A good slime won’t stick or mark. This was a craze that grew out of social media especially YouTube. See our other Toy Crazes.


Slime Fluffy Slime Kit

YouTuber Karina Garcia’s Book

Slime Karina Garcia Book

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations

DIY Shakers

Slime Baff

Create slime in the bath.

Slime Baff


Great for younger kids.


An Educational STEAM Toy

As my children are always reminding me, Slime is educational as part of the Science element of STEAM.

GALT Robo Slime Factory

Slime Galt Slime Factory

Science 4 You


Weird Science

Horrible Science

A YouTube Craze

There are loads of YouTubers making these slimy creations. Children love creating different versions and playing with it. I’m not going to list any ingredients here but you can find them all pretty easily on the internet. Many are general household and cosmetic items. Depending which of these you use, the result will turn out rather differently. My favourite is texture is marshmallow but, of course, it’s not for eating. They may be coloured with food colouring, paints and glitter (I honestly thought my glitter days were over).

It goes without saying that this is not something young children or pets should be playing with. Always keep your slime stuff safely out of reach of them.

Kits Are The Easier Way To Go

If you don’t want to go down the DIY route, the ready-made kits do make things slightly easier. Check age-suitability carefully for all these products. I found trays a good way to cut down on the mess. And don’t allow any of these products upstairs – they are hard to get out of carpets.

STEM STEAM Science Experiments

Whatever you say think about this craze, it does have a STEM STEAM element to it. Children love science experiments and might even learn something.


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