Sling Bookcases Help Toddlers And Pre-schoolers Select Books

By | 24/05/2017

Sling Bookcases Are More Than Just A Storage Solution

Sling Bookcases – or Book Slings – are a great way of storing your young child’s books. Many picture books are large and paper-backed making it difficult to fit them in regular bookcases. I found the shelves of our nursery bookcases were too small for them to stand upright so they always had to be laid flat.

Sling Bookcases help kids to start reading

We know that selecting and sharing books is a great way to get young children to start reading. But it’s hard for them to see books in a conventional bookcase because only the thin spine is showing. And you know what’s it’s like when they eventually work one free from the bottom of a pile. Yes, they all come out at the same time.

Sling Bookcases work because kids can see the front of the book. It’s easy for them to pick one, take it out and – hopefully – replace it. Less fuss and mess. Furthermore, there’s probably more chance they’ll choose a book to play with if they can see it.

KiddyPlay Wooden Book Storage Rack

This is an Amazon best-seller. Suitable for ages 3+. Measures 66cm wide.

Book Slings KiddyPlay Wooden Storage Rack

KiddyPlay Wooden Book Storage Rack

It also comes in pink and light blue.

Book Slings KiddyPlay Wooden Book Storage Rack

The Gruffalo Kids Sling Bookcase

One of the most famous book characters in children’s books. This Gruffalo sling bookcase is 51cm wide.

Gruffalo Kids Sling Bookcase

Bebe Style Children’s Pirate Wooden Storage Rack Sling Bookcase

For all those little Pirates out there. Wooden Sling Bookcase with storage boxes. Measures 60cm wide.

Sling Bookcases Bebe Style Children's Pirate Wooden Storage Rack Sling Bookcase

Butterflies and Flowers Kids Booksling

Pretty pink Sling Bookcase. Measures 51cm wide.

Bookcase Slings Butterflies and Flowers Sling Bookcase


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