STEAM Educational Toys


STEM Toys are a key toy trend. Sometimes, they are described as STEM Toys, the extra A is for Art. These toys help children explore, experiment and learn about STEAM topics through play. Furthermore, they are perfect presents for curious children. Here’s our pick of STEAM Educational Toys. If you can’t find any locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

STEAM Educational Toys – Science

First experiments for ages 6+. Includes lots of ‘proper’ kit like test-tubes and goggles for 18 experiments.

STEAM educational toys

Horrible Science Explosive Experiments

Suitable for Ages 8+ but with adult supervision. Create a rocket, erupting volcano, lava lamp and slime.

STEAM Educational Toys

Primary Science Lab Set

For ages 3+. Hands on science set designed for small hands. Real science experiments.

STEAM Educational Toys

GALT Magnetic Lab

For ages 6+. Nine fun experiments with full instructions. Scientific thinking while having fun.
STEAM Educational Toys

Sparkle Science

From John Adams. Suitable for ages 8+. Five glittering projects including Lava Lamp, bath bomb and grow your own crystal necklace.

STEAM educational toys

Really Gross Science

John Adams set. Ten extremely gross science projects. Suitable for ages 7+.

STEAM Educational Toys

Illusion Science

Classic illusion tricks. Twenty fun activities with the science explained too. Ages 7+.

STEAM Educational Toys

Nat Geographic Volcano Science Kit

Suitable for ages 8+ with adult supervision – Amazon Choice Product –  Includes everything you need to create a volcano, paint it, and even make it erupt!


STEAM Educational Toys

Lie Detector Set

Suitable for ages 6+. The perfect gift for a curious children. All instructions included.
STEAM Educational Toys

Brainbox Science 10 Minute Challenges

Visual memory game – Developed by a teacher – More subjects in the series – Suitable for ages 7+.

STEAM educational toys

Microscope With 30 Experiments

Suitable for 8+ – 23cm microscope with lenses, colour filters, three magnifications – 30 experiments with full instructions.

STEAM eduational toys

Worm World

Suitable for ages 5+ – See inside the world of worms – Find your own or order them from the manufacturer, order form included.

STEAM educational toys

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Suitable for ages 14+ – Features seven crystal growing experiments – They literally grow in front of your eyes!

STEAM educational toys

The Science Of Slime

Tap in to the slime trend – Suitable for ages 8+ – Includes eight different slime experiments.

Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden

Tested and recommended by us – Amazon best-seller – Get caterpillars with voucher March-September.

STEAM educational toys

Earth And Constellations Globe

Amazon Choice Product. Shows earth by day and stars by night in a dark room. Requires batteries.
STEAM educational toys

Squishy Human Body

Amazon Choice Product. Great way to discover the human body. Ages 8-12 years.

STEAM Educational Toys

STEM Educational Toys – Technology

Botley Coding Robot

On the list of Hero Toys 2018 and eagerly awaited in the UK. Children from 5 years+ can programme Botley to perform a sequence of steps as he avoids obstacles, manoeuvres courses and moves objects.

STEAM Eductional Toys

Spider Robot

Suitable for ages 10+. Build your own spider robot.

STEAM eduational toys

John Adams Hot Wires

Suitable for ages 8+. Over 100 experiments. Involves light, sound, movement.

STEAM educational toys

Build Your Own Robot Arm

Suitable for ages 14+. Self-assembly kit.

STEAM educational toys

LEGO Mindstorms

Suitable for ages 10+ – Build walking, talking, thinking robots – Compatible with all other LEGO.

STEAM educational toys

Osmo Genius

Turns your tablet in to a learning tool – Five award-winning games – Adjusts to the right learning level for ages 5-12 years.

STEAM educational toys

Wind-Up Robot Workshop

Make your own wind-up robots model-making kit – Includes instructions and idea – Suitable for ages 7+.

STEAM educational toys

Cozmo Robot

Amazon Choice Product – Highly advanced robot who remembers his environment and reacts to it and you – Ages 8+ – Requires a compatible device.

STEAM educational toys

Bot Squad Grip Toy

Suitable for ages 4+ – From Wow Wee, makers of the Fingerlings Monkey – 50+ sounds and phrases.

STEAM educational toys

STEAM Educational Toys – Engineering

Goldie Blox And The Spinning Machine

Desinged to inspire the next generation of female engineers – Builds spatial skills, engineering principles, problem solving – Ages 7+.

STEAM educational toys

Build Your Own V8 Petrol Engine

Build a fully functional, moterized model of a V8 petrol engine. Ages 10+. Requires batteries.

STEAM educational toys

LEGO Architecture

Build London skyline. Ages 12+. 468 pieces. Compatible with all other LEGO.

STEAM educational toys

GALT Super Marble Run

Amazon Choice Product. 60-piece construction set. Includes chutes, roundabouts, marbles and more. Ages 4+.
STEAM educational toys

Wooden Rotating Gears Toy

Suitable for ages 18 months+. Gears of the same size are exchangeable to make different combinations.
STEAM educational toys

My First Magformers Set

Perfect starter learning set. Suitable for ages 3+. Fun 2D and 3D construction. Includes large idea building cards.
STEAM educational toys

Design And Drill Set

Suitable for ages 3-7 years. Create a pattern on the design board. Includes design cards but not batteries.

STEAM educational toys

Brio Construction Set

Amazon Choice Product. FSC certified wood. Contains 135 pieces including tools. For ages 3+.

STEAM educational toys

Meccano Max

Suitable for ages 10+. 30 cms tall robot featuring AI and customisable programming. Infrared sensors to navigate. Build in 1-3 hours.

STEAM educational toys

K’Nex Roller Coaster

Suitable for ages 8+. Builds a working swing ride and two extra models. Includes 470+ pieces.

STEAM educational toys

STEM Educational Toys – Art

Mould And Paint Glitter Fairies

Amazon Choice Product. Suits ages 5+. Create fridge magnets or badges.

STEAM educational toys


Suitable for ages 3-7 years. Completely mess-free. Does not dry out. Non-toxic. Develops fine motor skills.

STEAM educational toys

Mould And Paint Dinosaur

Suitable for ages 5+. Make your own plaster fridge magnets and badges. Paint with glow-in-the-dark paint.

STEAM educational toys

Cupcake Charms

Create, bake and shrink your very own cupcake jewellery charms. Includes 20 pre-cut shapes. For ages 5+.

STEAM educational toys

John Adams Blo Pens

Create fantastic airbrush pictures. Includes 12 Blo pens, workstation and reusable stencils. Washable and non-toxic. Ages 4+

STEAM educational toys

Crayola Super Tips Washable Pens

Suitable for age 4+ years. Includes 25 Super Tips markers, 40 sheets of paper and a convenient carry case.

STEAM educational toys

Tomy Megasketcher

Ages 3+. Encourages early development of creativity and motor skills. Includes stampers. No batteries required.

STEAM educational toys

Magnetic Easel

Table-top standing. Double-sided with magnetic whiteboard and blackboard. Includes lots of accessories including marker and magnets. Ages  3+.

STEAM educational toys

Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Art Kit

Suitable for ages 3+. Bumper pack with lots of arts and crafts. Ties in with popular CBeebies show.

STEAM educational toys

Bottle Sand Art Kit

Excellent value gift. Includes four bottles and four bags of sand. For ages 6+.

STEAM educational toys


Timeless gift. Hours of fun. This is the 45 piece set with storage. Suitable for ages 8+.

STEAM educational toys

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Gardens

New from My Fairy Garden. Amazing grow and play kit. The fairies live below the flowers. Indoor or out. For ages 4+ with supervision.

STEAM educational toys

STEAM Educational Toys – Maths

Fractions Towers

Ages 6+. Tested and recommended by us. Helps children visualise the concept of fractions and see mathematical models.

STEAM educational toys


Timeless learning tool. Helps teach maths skills, patterning and colour recognition. Ages 3+.

STEAM educational toys

Orchard Toys Bus Stop Game

Amazon Choice Product. British Made. Ages 4-8 years. Simple addition, subtraction and counting game.

STEAM educational toys


For 2-4 players aged 6+. Earn points by matching colours and shapes. Help develop strategy skills.
STEAM educational toys

Times Tables Placemat

Tried and tested by us. This is a thing that really works. Put their times tables in front of them at every mealtime!

STEAM educational toys

Sum Swamp Game

Addition and subtraction game. Award-winning game for ages 5+.

STEAM educational toys

Geometric Solids

Learn 3D shapes. Lots of possibilities for games and learning. Ages 8+.

STEAM educational toys

Counting Three Bears

Set of 96 bears in three different sizes and weights. Ideal for early counting. Good for colour recognition. For school age children.

STEAM educational toys

GALT Tell The Time Set

For ages 3-6 years. The award-winning listening game that is different every time you play!

STEAM educational toys

Maths Magic

15 fun maths tricks. Ideal for cognitive skills. Ages 8+.
STEAM educational toys

ZooBooKoo Maths Cube

Fun way to learn their times tables. Intriguing tactile format. Suitable for ages 6+

STEAM educational toys

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art And Maths

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Art. So, these toys all have an educational side related to one or more of these areas of learning. Some examples of STEAM Educational Toys range from slime making kits to solar robots.

Why are STEAM educational toys important?

In the 21st Century, we live in a world dominated by technology and science. So, helping our children learn to innovate will aid their future success. One way to do this is to make education fun and engaging. This encourages children to explore and experiment. Furthermore, STEAM educational toys help develop important skills like problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.

Why are STEAM educational toys developmental toys so popular?

There is a trend towards toys and games that contribute to children’s physical and mental development. With rising obesity concerns and increased urbanisation, parents are constantly looking for physical development toys. Recently, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) toys have been favoured by parents who want to ensure that their child will be competitive academically.

Are STEAM toys anything new?

There are have always been chemistry sets, construction sets, computer/technology games and toys, maths learning games and craft sets for children. Now, we call them STEAM toys to demonstrate how innovations are dependent on all these subjects for success. Finally, you may have already noticed many classic toys given an educational aspect that may not have been there before.

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