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LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls combine the unwrapping toy craze with the collectible toy craze. They contain little surprises in each layer. Big for Christmas 2017 was the LOL Big Surprise, featuring 50 individual gifts.

LOL dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls are a huge hit worldwide. The original series came out early in 2017, followed by a second series in summer 2017 and series 3 in 2018. They feature on our list of Toy Crazes. New For Christmas was LOL Big Surprise which contains 50 unwrapping dolls. Series Two featured in the Dream Toys 2017.

What’s Inside The Layers?

Inside each of the seven layers there is a new surprise (a sticker, charm, clothing, shoes, accessories etc) which hint at the doll you will get.

According to one Amazon reviewer (posted 14/2/17 and sourced 27/4/17) LOL Surprise Dolls are a “Great little toy”.  The same reviewer went on to say that they are “A little expensive for what it is but good fun to open and the kids loved them. Fun to find out what they do. So far we have one that cries and one that changes colour. I’m sure I’ll end up buying more. The pieces are very small but its good they all fit in the purse it makes with the ball.”

The LOL surprise dolls have featured on our page about Toy Crazes.

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