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Stocking Fillers

What are the best stocking fillers for Christmas?


Mix it up with different presents

It’s a good idea to have a variety of different gifts in the Christmas Stockings. Party supplies, such as little puzzles, games and novelties, make good stocking fillers. They also give the kids something to do on Christmas morning. I like to wrap the presents to make the whole unwrapping experience last a bit longer.

Traditionally fruit and nuts were always added to a Christmas stocking so we still do pop in a Cadbury’s Chocolate Orange. Perhaps many other do too because they are always much easier to find in the shops around November/December time. We always used to have a selection box in our Christmas stockings when I was younger. I see Cadbury are doing a retro selection box this year. The chocolate bars are in the same wrappers too.

I like to add some Christmas-themed gifts to the Christmas stockings. The Christmas rubber ducks and Insta-snow above are a good example of seasonal-appropriate fillers.

Why do we have stockings at Christmas?

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or perhaps even a pillow case, that is put out on Christmas Eve. Usually it is hung from by the chimney or at the foot of the bed. The popular tradition goes that late on Christmas Eve and into the early hours of Christmas Day, Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, whichever term you prefer) arrives on a sleigh driven by reindeers and accompanied by elves. He fills the stockings with small toys, sweets and other gifts. These are referred to as stocking fillers or stocking stuffers.

Top Tip – always take a trip to Poundland around Christmas to see if there are any small bits and bobs to bulk out the stockings.

Stocking Fillers Christmas 2017

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