9 Top Games To Take On Holiday

By | 23/05/2017

Top Games To Take On Holiday

Whether you’re in a caravan sheltering from the rain or a Greek taverna staying out of the sun, card games are great fun on holiday. Everyone is relaxed and there’s time to fill. The key is finding good games that fit in your suitcase and everyone loves playing. Here’s 9 top games to take on holiday.


The best-selling card game on Amazon which is why I’ve included it in our Top Games To Take on Holiday. Now also available in a waterproof version so you can play on the beach. Every card has one matching picture. Your task is to find them. It’s tricky because the pictures are different sizes. A great game to play with kids because there’s no advantage for adults. There are other mini-games you can play with the same pack. This is our well-used Dobble set.

Dobble Card Game


You deal out the tiles (21 each if you’re 2-4 players) and start using them to make inter-connecting words. You can swap your tiles and pick up more when someone runs out. The winner is the first to use all their tiles. It’s great fun and educational at the same time but there’s definitely a knack to it. Peel!


Uno is such a classic card game. The idea is to put down all your cards by matching them by colour or number with the top card on the deck. But you might also have to pick up cards or pass them around. The winner is the first to get rid of all their cards. You have to shout UNO when you only have one left because this might influence how your opponents play their hands.

Uno Card Game


We were given GUBS by American relatives but you can buy it in the UK. This is definitely now one of our top games to take on holiday. The idea is to collect and save these little creatures called GUBS. There are many actions and events that happen with the turn of a card. The player with the most GUBS when the G, U, B  cards come out of the pack (which could happen any time in the game) is the winner. It does take some time to learn all the different cards but is a very exciting game.

Gubs card game

Rat A Tat Cat

Our children are a bit older now so it’s a while since we took Rat A Tat Cat on holiday. If I remember correctly, you have to take and dump numbered cards with the goal of having the lowest total when someone shouts “Rat A Tat Cat”. It’s a good way to teach children about basic maths and probability.

Rat a tat cat - 10 games to take on holiday

Go Sushi

I bought Go Sushi after reading its excellent reviews on Amazon (five-star rating from over 150 reviews). Unlike other card games, you pass your entire hand round (minus one card you want to keep) each go. There are points for getting the most or least and for pairs and triples. Wasabi increases the value of your Nigari Sushi. Doesn’t take long to learn and it’s a nice quick game. We didn’t get around to playing it on holiday but did play it lots when we got home. Each hand only takes about 5 minutes.

Go Sushi card game

Logo Lite

My children persuaded me to buy the Logo board game but I wasn’t 100% sure we would all enjoy it. However, it’s now our all-time favourite game. This is the Lite version of Logo. We don’t have it yet but it’s on our list of games to buy. Even if we don’t play it, the new cards will come in handy with the board version.

Logo Lite Game

Sort It Out Mini

Sort It Out is such a great game. You get given a list of things and have to sort them in a particular order. It’s quite tricky. We find working in adult/child teams is the most fun. I was thrilled to see it is also available in this mini version. I feel this is going to be one of our top games for taking on holiday.

Sort it out

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a best-seller on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 1000 reviews. It’s a bit like a cat version of Russian Roulette. All the cards are used to help you avoid the exploding kittens.

Exploding Kittens

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