The Top Summer Toys 2018

By | 01/07/2018

Summer Play Time

Did you see ‘How to Spend It Well – Home and Garden’ shown on ITV1 a few weeks ago? Presented by Phillip Schofield, the show researched, tested and rated the big-selling items we’ll be buying this summer for the house and garden. Included in this were the top summer toys 2018. Here they are in reverse order. If you can’t find any of the items locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

The Top Summer Toys 2018 – Swingball

Top Summer Toys 2018

Above is the ‘all weather’ version of Swingball for ages 6+. We have this set up at home and the children love playing with each other or by themselves.

The Top Summer Toys 2018 – Fun Zone Splash Face

Top Summer Toys 2018

This outdoor toy is by Tikes, one of our favourite brands. It is based on the traditional game of tug-of-war. The difference is that the loser gets splashed with water. Perfect for the ‘scorchio’ weather conditions of summer 2018. For children aged 4+.

The Top Summer Toys 2018 – Bump And Bounce

Top Summer Toys 2018

The winning outdoor toy in the programme was Bump N Bounce. These are zorb-like body bumpers for children aged 4-12 years. They would be perfect for keeping kids occupied at a summer party.

Slip N Slides

Top Summer Toys 2018

When the children were younger, our favourite summer outdoor toy was the Slip N Slide. This was the thing that was guaranteed to keep them occupied in the garden. It’s good exercise too. For an even better experience, position it at the bottom of a kids’ slide. Or if you’ve got a slope in your garden, all the better!


Top Summer Toys 2018

Now they’re older, it’s the trampoline that our kids play with most. Top brand Plum does this one – Magnitude – which maximises the jumping space without requiring extra room. It’s also made of galvanised steel which is essential for safety and stability.

PS – also see our post on Paddling Pools.

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