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By | 09/11/2017

What Are The Top Toys 2017?

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We’ve reviewed all the toy lists from the top retailers, trade bodies and influencers. This is our definitive list of the Top Toys 2017 that look set to be the most popular, most wished-for and ‘must have’ this year. In case you can’t get these toys locally, we’ve added links to Amazon. See also our list of the best games for Christmas.

Top Toys 2017 – Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Paw Patrol is a hugely popular animated TV show for pre-schoolers featuring rescue dogs and teen owner Ryder. The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is one of the twelve Dream Toys 2017 and features on the Christmas lists 2017 from Argos, Amazon, Tesco and Smyths. It is also in the Good Housekeeping Top Toys For Christmas 2017 and was also winner in Top Licensed Toy category in the inaugural BlogOn Toy Awards. It has lots of little bits and pieces to play with. There are drop-down wheels to transform it from a ship to a land vehicle. The Paw Patrol All-Terrain vehicle was one of the Best New Toys 2017.

Top Toys 2017 Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Top Toys 2017 – Hatchimals Surprise

Last year, the Hatchimals were the stand-out ‘must have’ toy for Christmas. Adults were scouring the internet for these cute, hatch-able creatures, importing them from overseas and, sometimes, paying well over the odds. Well, they’re back! Over the year, we’ve seen the little Colleggtibles but now there’s a new Hatchimals Surprise. Another of the Dream Toys 2017, it features on the Christmas Lists of Argos and Hamleys. Go get ’em!

Top Toys 2017 Hatchimals Surprise

Top Toys 2017 – Furreal Roarin’ Tyler

Another of the Dream Toys 2017, Roarin’ Tyler is the friendly tiger from Furreal. He features on the Christmas Lists of John Lewis, Smyths and Hamleys. When you roar at him, he’ll roar back but he also responds with lots of other sound and motion combinations too. He loves it when you give him his little toy chick to play with. Soft and cuddly – what’s not to love…?

Top Toys 2017 Furreal Roarin Tyler Tiger

Top Toys 2017 – Cozmo The Robot

Cozmo features on the Christmas toy lists of Amazon, John Lewis, Harrods and Smyths. He is one of the most sophisticated consumer robots available today. He’s a real-life robot with a unique personality that develops the more you spend time with him. He’ll nudge you to get playing and keep you constantly surprised. Note you do need a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app.

Top Toys 2017 Cozmo Robot

Top Toys 2017 – Laser X

We’re a little surprised there aren’t more tech toys on the Dream Toys 2017 (are they a little less popular this year…?) but Laser X is on the list. It also features on the Christmas lists of Harrods and Tesco. Laser X is a high tech game of tag. It works up to 60 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. As you are blasted your receiver vest will gradually change colour. If you are hit ten times you’re out.

Top Toys 2017 Laser X

Top Toys 2017 – LOL Surprise

One of the key toy trends of the year has been ‘unwrapping’. I suppose this has its origins in the ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube where children unwrap or unbox toys so you can see what is in the box and how it all works. LOL Surprise has layers containing little accessories and eventually a doll to dress and play with. This has been super-popular this year and on our list of Toy Crazes. For Christmas, there was a huge LOL Surprise Doll called Big Surprise but has been difficult to get and generated some negative publicity concerning its value for money. Below is the double pack from Series 2 which are one of the Dream Toys 2017.

LOL Surprise Dolls Top Toys 2017

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