Must Have Toys 2020

Top New Toys And Games

Hello and welcome to our blog Must Have Toys 2020 with our selection of the latest new top toys for boys and girls of all ages. Our listings are updated regularly to include the best new toys and games. Many feature in the top toy lists from the big toy retailers, industry experts, popular media and parenting blogs. Toys that are popular at Christmas are often referred to as ‘must have toys’ but we list toys, family games and toy crazes all year round. If you can’t find any of these toys or games locally, we’ve included links to Amazon where you can also check prices [disclosure]. 

LEGO Super Mario™ Starter Course

The set features a LEGO Mario™ figure that gives instant expressive responses via the LCD screens and speaker. Players earn virtual coins moving LEGO Mario from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via spinning and cloud platforms. Expansion Sets also available to create more challenging levels and games to play with and against friends. Contains 231 pieces. For kids aged 6+.

Must Have Toys 2020 super mario

Must Have Toys 2020 – Trapped Game

New escape room game in three kits – the one shown is ‘Bank Job’. Includes real codes to crack and tests to pass. For ages 8+. Complete with code-reading square, puzzles, clues, solutions and props.

Must Have Toys 2020 Trapped game

Super Sparrow Flask Bottles

Our teens tested these flask water bottles from Super Sparrow, available 350ml, 500ml and 750ml sizes and a range of exciting colours. They aren’t toys, of course, but we think they are perfect for the summer (especially garden camping) as they keep liquids cool for 24 hours. They also keep hot drinks hot too. Furthermore, they are made of stainless steel and make a good alternative to plastic bottles for older kids. See more of our gift ideas for teenagers.

Must Have Toys 2020 supersparrow

Harry Potter Magical Capsule

New HP surprise collectable with seven surprises including a Hogwarts character. See more new Toy Crazes.

Must Have Toys 2020 Harry Potter

LOL Surprise Styling Head

With 30 surprises including stick-on hair pieces and colour-change make-up. Head swivels for easy styling and includes a drawer to store accessories. Also available in Neonlicious. 

Must Have Toys 2020 LOL styling head

Germ Attack Game

New game from Horrible Science for ages 8+. You must beat the germs in a ruthless race through the body. First team to reach the heart wins. Lots of fun questions about your insides to win bonus points. For 2-6 players aged 8+.

Must Have toys 2020 germ attack game

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present

Unboxing gift with limited edition Sprinkles doll and her pet Sprin-claws. Each package comes already wrapped in a fabulous gift package with a bow and tag. Includes cake-shaped doll stand and carry case.

Must Have Toys 2020

The Joker Action Figure

12 inch action figure of The Joker from the Batman franchise. Easy to pose figure for ages 3+.

Must have toys 2020

Hey Duggee Singing Stick

New plush toy based on the popular CBeebies show, Hey Duggee. Simply press Stick’s tummy to hear the very famous Stick song. It’s 27cm tall and looks very cute! 

Must Have Toys 2020 Stick

Barbie Fashionista Doll

With long mermaid-inspired rainbow hair and fashionista outfit with Dream Often logo dress. For Barbie fans aged 3+.​​

must have toys 2020 barbie rainbow

TP Waterslide

The sun’s out and what better fun for kids than playing on the waterslide. This one is from brand TP and measures six metres. If you’ve got a slide it does increase the fun but you don’t necessarily need one.

must have toys 2020 waterslide

Nerf One Ultra

One of the Hero Toys 2020. This new Nerf has the farthest flying Nerf darts ever (up to 36 metres). Comes with 25 darts and high-capacity drum. Boys and girls who love Nerf challenges will love this new Nerf. Always on the lists of Must Have Toys. For ages 8+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Nerf Ultra

Must Have Toys 2020 – Blume Baby Pop

New collectible from the very popular Blume doll brand. Hidden under every sprout is either a baby or a cute baby accessory. Pull and pop to reveal what’s inside! See other new Toy Crazes

Must Have Toys 2020 Blume Baby Pop

Must Have Toys 2020 – Foam Alive Ice Cream

Make your own magic melting Ice Creams with the no-mess Foam Alive Make ‘N’ Melt Ice Cream Kit. Includes three colours plus three ice cream cones, three ice cream moulds and one ice cream scoop. For ages 5+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Foam Alive Ice Cream Maker

LEGO Lamborghini

LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Urus ST-X and Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO Race Cars Set. For ages 8+.

must have toys 2020 LEGO lamborghini speed champions

My Fabulous Storyteller

My Fabulous Storyteller is an interactive story creator where you can choose different elements to create your own story which is told through the device. Cultivates curiosity and enables discovery for boys and girls through the range of content and story layer options, from the key characters to the setting and the objects within the story. For kids aged 3-8 years. Great for car journeys.

Must Have Toys 2020 My Fabulous Storyteller

Must Have Toys 2020 – Family Pool

Sun’s out and unsurprisingly this family pool is one of the best-sellers on Amazon at the time of writing. Always closely supervise children around water – here’s some good water safety advice for small kids from Emma’s Diary.

Must Have Toys 2020 Bestway Family Pool

Egg and Spoon Race

Enjoy some retro fun in the garden with this Egg and Spoon race set.

Must Have Toys 2020 Egg and Spoon race

Harry Potter LEGO Hedwig

Brand new this summer is the Harry Potter LEGO Hedwig owl set for ages 10+. Measures 34cm across the wings which move up and down on the turn of a handle. Includes 630 pieces with Harry minifigure and small Hedwig. A must have toy for boys and girls who love Harry Potter.

Must Have Toys 2020 LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig

Playmobil Back To The Future DeLorean

Playmobil set for ages 6+ featuring the iconic DeLorean car from the film Back To The Future. Read this piece from The Metro (the UK’s highest-circulation print newspaper) about why no film will ever be better than Back To The Future. Contains 64 pieces and requires adult supervision for construction. One of the Hero Toys 2020.

Must Have Toys 2020 Back to the Future Playmobil

Must Have Toys 2020 – Drawsome People

Drawsome People is a new drawing and guessing game for 2-10 players aged 11+ from Ridley Games. It challenges players to draw celebrities, characters and fellow players in a variety of different ways. Selected as one of the Hero Toys 2020.

Must Have Toys 2020 Drawsome People

Must Have Toys 2020 – Harry Potter Dobble

Dobble is always near the top of best-selling toys on Amazon. Here at Must Have Toys, we are big fans and regular players. This Harry Potter version was new in 2019 and featured on Amazon’s Top Ten Toys of the year. See more family games that everyone will love.

Must Have Toys 2020 Harry Potter Dobble

Slime by David Walliams

The best-selling book on Amazon at the time of writing. Boys and girls love David Walliams’ book. This is a funny tale about Ned – an extraordinary child with a special power – Slime Power! See more of our picks of new children’s books.

Must Have Toys 2020 Slime David Walliams

When It Rains Print

Lovely unframed A4 print with the quote: “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.” Designed by Crafty Cow Designs. Suitable for all ages. See our other gift ideas for teenagers.

Must Have Toys 2020 when it rains print

Must Have Toys 2020 – Rainbow Unicorns

New game from Orchard Toys. Rainbow Unicorns is a new twist on the Head and Tails game for pre-schoolers. It’s teacher-tested and there are two ways to play. 

Must Have Toys 2020 Rainbow unicorns

Fairy Kitchen Garden

The latest in this adorable range of fairy gardens is the Fairy Kitchen Garden including micro-greens which you can eat. Beautiful gift for ages 4+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Fairy Kitchen Garden

LEGO Friends TV show Central Perk

Here’s the Friends Central Perk cafe recreated in LEGO. Includes the iconic seating area and seven specially designed mini-figures including Gunther too! See more gifts for teenagers.

Must Have Toys 2020 LEGO Friends

Crayola Super Tips

We’ve tested these washable pens from Crayola. The style of the tip means you can draw thin or thick lines and colour in very effectively. The 24-pack has a great range of colours. See more Art and Craft Toys.

Must Have Toys 2020 Supertips

Must Have Toys 2020 – Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit

Slime continues to be a popular craft activity for kids. This glitter set from Elmer’s is one of the best-selling kits on Amazon at the moment. No extra ingredients are required. Always supervise slime play.

Must Have Toys 2020 Glitter Slime Set

Must Have Toys 2020 – Den Kit

Build your own den with this kit from The Den Kit Co. Designed to capture creative imaginations, encourage resourcefulness and innovation, provide escape and sanctuary, and most of all supply hours and hours of simple fun. If you’ve got outside space, this is a great gift idea for girls and boys aged six plus with adult supervision.

Must Have Toys 2020 Den Kit

Must Have Toys 2020 – Hair Chalks

One of the top toys at the moment are hair chalks. Have a bit of fun with your hair colour with these ones from Girlzone. 

Must Have Toys 2020

Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Set

This is a great sticker set with reusable stickers for extended activities and fun, creative play. This pad is entitled Habitats and has five backgrounds and over 150 re-positionable stickers. Also comes in eight other sets including Fairies, Dinosaurs and Vehicles. For ages 3+. Here’s our picks of other toys for kids in this age-group.

Must Have Toys 2020

Must Have Toys 2020 – LEGO Gadgets Book

Here’s a great LEGO book from Klutz which includes all the bricks you need to build 11 machines. Suitable for ages 8+. See other toys for kids in this age-group.

Must Have Toys 2020 LEGO Gadgets

Frozen 2 on Prime Video

Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, Elsa faces a dangerous but remarkable journey into the unknown-to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle, in search of truths about the past. Offline download is available on Fire Tablet and other mobile platforms.

Must Have Toys 2020 Frozen 2


Creative colouring set from John Adams. The ink magically stops at the lines and you can blend colours. For ages 6+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Colourmazing

Xootz Electric Scooter

The Xootz Electric Scooter was a 2018 winner in the Made For Mums Awards. It’s suitable for children aged 6+ and can reach speeds of up to 8kmph. The rechargeable capacity is 10km but you can also use it as a push scooter too. 

Must Have Toys 2020

Kinetic Sand Box

We are big fans of Kinetic Sand. This set includes a sand box for easy storage and has seven multi-use tools. For ages 3+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Kinetic Sand

Five Minute Mum

New book which contains a collection of over 150 easy activities to entertain the kids which only take five minutes to set up and five minutes to pack away.  

Must Have Toys 2020 Five Minute Mum

What Came First Game

New from Big Potato Games (Colour Brain, Don’t Get Got etc) is What Came First. For ages 10+, you bet on which one came first for example, mayonnaise or ketchup? It’s fast-paced and fun. A great alternative to bingeing on boxsets!

Must Have Toys 2020 What Came First Game

LOL Surprise Car 

New from the ever-popular LOLs, this is the new Car-Pool Coupe with surprise pool and dancefloor. Includes one exclusive tot doll. Has adjustable seats so sits the LOL Surprise dolls as well as the OMG dolls. See other latest Toy Crazes.

Must Have Toys 2020 LOL car

Must Have Toys 2020 – Power Pux Challenge Pack

One of the Hero Toys 2020. You can play, collect and trade the Power Pux. This is a challenge pack where you can play against your friends. Includes a launcher, Pux cups, target and five Pux discs.

Must Have Toys 2020 Power Pux

Heroes of Goo Jit Zoo – Marvel Superheroes  

The stretchiest, gooiest and squishiest Superheroes ever from the Goo Jit Zoo range. For kids aged 4+. One of the Hero Toys 2020. See more of the latest toy crazes.

Must Have Toys 2020 Heroes of Goo Jit Zu

Leapfrog Yum-2-3 Toaster

One of the Hero Toys 2020. Children over the age of 12 months will love this educational toy from Leapfrog. Not only can they pretend to make breakfast, they can also learn numbers, colours and food names, and sing along too. See other Baby and Toddler toys.

LEGO Trolls

New in January 2020, Trolls World Tour Poppy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure Playset with Poppy, Branch, Biggie and Mr Dinkles.

Must Have Toys 2020 LEGO trolls

LEGO Frozen Ice Palace

The LEGO Frozen Ice Palace includes sliding bridge and revolving staircase features translucent balcony, kitchen with table and chairs, plus three-carriage sleigh. Includes Elsa and Anna mini doll figures, plus Olaf, Marshmallow and four Snowgie minifigures plus other accessories.

Must Have Toys 2020 LEGO Frozen Ice Palace

Best New Toys 2020 – Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus

Finalist in the Action Figure Category of the 2020 Toy Of The Year Awards. Transforming figure for ages 6+. Dragonoid Maximus is the most powerful Bakugan in the universe. This 8-inch tall figure springs open and roars to life with lights and sounds.

Must Have Toys 2020 Bakugan

Must Have Toys 2020 – Bank Attack

Named Best Family Game in the latest Mums Choice Awards one of the Amazon top toys of last year. Bank Attack is a game for 2-4 players aged 7+ where you have five minutes to pull off the heist of the century and win the 50 million. There are five levels to play. 

Must Have Toys 2020 Bank Attack

Pictionary Air

Connected play game where you download the free app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. One of Hamley’s and Amazon’s Top Ten Toys of last year.  

Must Have Toys 2020

Slap Ninja

One of Tesco’s Top Ten Toys of last year. Play as the Ninja master and use his huge Karate chop slap to defend the coin. Or play as the student trying to tap the coin. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner! One of the games that created most interest on our site in the last year. For ages 8+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Slap Ninja

Volume-Limiting Headphones

Puro volume-limiting and noise cancelling wireless headphones just for kids. Named Best Safety Product in the latest Mums Choice Awards.

Untamed Snakes

New from the people behind the Fingerlings monkeys and dinosaurs, these are the untamed snakes. They react to sound, motion and touch but watch out, they also lunge. As featured in the most recent toys edition of How To Spend It Well At Christmas.

Must Have Toys 2020 Untamed Snakes

Must Have Toys 2020 – Tonies Starter Box

This is a new audio system for children. Just upload audiobooks and let them listen along. One of John Lewis’s top toys of last year and chosen as Best Interactive Toy at the most recent Made For Mums Toy Awards.

Must Have Toys 2020 Tonies audiobox

Must Have Toys 2020 – Kidizoom

The Kidizoom Action Cam was named Best STEM Toy in the latest Rainbow Toy Awards  This toy camera provides great image quality while being shockproof and suitable to use under water. 


Use the Gravitrax starter set to create incredibly demanding ball runs. Winner in the Construction Toys category in the latest BlogOn Awards.

Playmobil Zoo

The 1,2,3 Zoo from Playmobil Came first in the Baby and Toddler category at the most recent Toy Awards from BlogOn.

Must Have Toys 2020 Playmobil zoo

Melissa and Doug Vet and Groomer Centre

Picked out by Femail as one of the Top Gifts For Children last year. The Melissa and Doug wooden multi-functional animal centre is easy to assemble and offers amazing play opportunities for children aged 3+. Pets and other equipment is available separately.

Must Have Toys 2020 Vet set

Must Have Toys 2020 – Barbie Dreamhouse

New version of the Barbie Estate Dreamhouse. This three-storey townhouse is approximately 91cm tall and 122cm wide with lift and pool you can fill with water. Plus, there are realistic lights and sounds. Great for imaginative playtime. Includes accessories but not the dolls.

Must Have Toys 2020 Barbie Dreamhouse

Boomtrix Multi-pack

One of the finalists in the Dream Toys. Marble tricks set with trampolines. For ages 8+.

Must Have Toys 2020 Boomtrix

Monster Jam Remote Control Grave Digger

Named Top Remote Control toy in the latest BlogOn Awards. This all-terrain remote control vehicle is over 2 feet long and be controlled from up to 75 metres away. For kids over 5 years.

Must Have Toys 2020 Monster Jam

Peppa’s Stage Playset

A must for all Peppa fans. This playset includes props and accessories to being your productions to life. The sound box has six buttons with 12 different sound effects. One of the Dream Toys of last year.

Must Have Toys 2020 Peppa's Playset

Geomag Confetti

Chosen as runner-up in the Construction category in the BlogOn Toy Awards. STEM magnetic construction set for ages 3+. Play should be supervised because this set has small parts.

Must Have Toys 2020 geomag confetti

VTech Walkie Talkies

This is a great present which will keep kids aged 5+ occupied for hours. From trusted brand Vtech, they offer a range of 200m and have a digital screen so you can send secure messages and play games too. One of the toys that created most interest on our website in the last year.

Must Have Toys 2020 walkie talkies

Must Have Toys 2020 – Connect 4 Shots

New take on the very popular game of Connect 4 where you bounce in the balls. 

Must Have Toys 2020 Connect 4 shots

Must Have Toys 2020 – Cashless Monopoly

This latest innovation of the game takes Monopoly to the next level. There is a voice-activated Mr Monopoly handling all the transactions, keeping tabs on property and money. No cash and cards to think about! For ages 8+. 

Must Have Toys 2020 Monopoly voice banking

Sylvanian Families Red Roof House

New playset from Sylvanian Families. Named Best Imagination Toy by BlogOn last year. For ages 3+. 

Must Have Toys 2020 Sylvanian red roof house

Must Have Toys 2020 – My Own Rainbow

We love this rainbow light projector. Perfect for parties and sleepovers. A great to give. Sweet dreams! One of the toys that created most interest on our blog during the last 12 months.

Must Have Toys 2020 rainbow light

Little Live Pets Rainglow Unicorn Vet Kit

Use the five interactive accessories to make your Unicorn better. For ages 4 years and over. One of the finalists in the Dream Toys 2019. See our blog post on the best unicorn toys.

What are Best New Toys 2020?

Must have toys are new or trending toys that kids really want. Top brands and franchises include Harry Potter, LOL Surprise, Fortnite, Blume Dolls, Mighty Beanz, Boppi The Llama. Unicorns, Llamas and Mermaids continue to be sought after and are themes for some of the best new toys. Current toy trends include collectables and unwrapping toys. STEM toys and educational toys remain popular too and new family games are constantly being developed. However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time such as LEGO and Monopoly. Others reinvent themselves to remain relevant in a fast-moving world.

New toys and games are always highly prized. Children love a novelty especially when it comes to toys. They will look to other people to see if something is worth having. If a friend, or someone else they admire, has a present they think looks good then they may well want it too. But these days, social media is one of the most popular ways to find new toys. It also means that kids can see exactly how a toy or game works – and adults can see what’s included in the price – before a purchase is made.

What are the Hero Toys 2020?

Some of the toys on this page are listed as Hero Toys. These are some of the best new toys 2020 and are selected for the annual Toy Fair held each January in London. All are due to be released in 2020.

What are the Dream Toys?

Dream Toys are the annual Christmas toy predictions from the UK Toy Retailers Association. The Dream Toys are usually announced in December each year.

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