Must Have Toys 2018

The Top Toys And Games

Here’s our pick of The Must Have Toys 2018 for all ages and interests. These are the toys and games we think will be the best sellers for Christmas 2018. The list includes the latest toys for toddlers and babies, family games, collectible toy crazes, arts and crafts toys and other STEM toys. Most toys and games on our list of Must Have Toys 2018 are brand new this year. All links take you to Amazon [disclosure].

New on 14 November 2018 are the Dream Toys 2018

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Transforms from scooter to skateboard in seconds, no tools required. Designed for kids ages 8+. See other present ideas for children aged 9-11. Featured in the Thrill Seekers category of the Dream Toys 2018.

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Must Have Toys 2018 – Boxer The Robot

New for 2018, Boxer Robot is also on Amazon’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas as well as the Argos Predictions 2018, Hamleys Top 12 Toys For Christmas and Smyths Top 15 Toys For Christmas. Boxer is a new AI robot with a big personality. There are many ways to play including tricks and games with a free app to extend play possibilities. See other robots on our STEM page. One of the Dream Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018

Fingerlings Hugs

On the Argos Christmas List 2018 and winner in the plush toy category at the BlogOn Toy Awards. This is the cuddly toy version of the very popular Fingerlings Monkeys which were big for Christmas last year and are still Must Have Toys 2018. Features in the Paws And Claws category of the Dream Toys 2018.

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Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Overall winner of the 10th annual Rainbow Toy Awards. Fabulous STEM play toy for curious minds. There are 20+ hands on experiments. For children aged 3+.

Must Have Toys 2018

Laser X Twin Pack

The ultimate high tech game of tag. You can play inside or out, day or night. One of the Dream Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018

Chow Crown

The new game Chow Crown is one of Amazon’s Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2018. The aim is to eat the spinning food before the music stops. Snacks not provided. We think this will be one of the Must Have Toys 2018. It could be the Pie Face of this Christmas. See other new and classic Family Games.

Chow Crown

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations

Slime is still sticking around as a huge craze. We have the Cra-Z-Slimy kit on our list of Toy Crazes. This is the studio set on the Dream Toys 2018.

must have toys 2018

Fingerlings Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset

The Fingerlings continue to be a huge toy trend. The dinosaur collection now includes this playset which comes with a T-Rex dinosaur. One of the Dream Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

Just to prove that Harry Potter is as popular as ever. The Training Wand was also winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and is on the list of Dream Toys 2018. Comes in Hermione wand too.

LOL Surprise! Pop-Up Store

Also on our post about LOL Surprise Dolls and one of our  Toy Crazes. This is perfect to play, display and carry away your LOLs. Comes with one doll and holds around 55 others that you have collected separately.

Dream Toys 2018

Dream Toys 2018 – LOL Surprise Under Wraps

And to underline the popularity of the LOLs, here’s another on the Dream Toys 2018. LOL Surprise Under Wraps contains 15 surprises. Also features on our page of Toy Crazes. Also on the Christmas Lists of ArgosSmyths and Hamleys.

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Use the Gravitrax starter set to create incredibly demanding ball runs. Also one of John Lewis’s Christmas Toys and an Amazon Choice toy. See our page on STEM toys.

Must Have Toys 2018

Ozbozz Unicorn Scooter

Must Have scooter for all you unicorn fans. With light-up wheels and easy fold and lock mechanism.

Must Have Toys 2018

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

An interactive bunny that really eats paper treats! See other toys for ages 5-8 years. Features in the Paws and Claws section of the Dream Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018


Large dinosaur figures from the Jurassic World movies. Dinosaur toys are always very popular with kids. Complete with realistic sounds and articulated arms and legs. For kids 3+. See other toys for 3-4 year olds.

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Scruff A Luvs

Very cute concept toy where your kids turn a scruffy ball in to their new FFF (furry friend forever). Wash, dry, brush and love these adorable pets. Includes grooming kit and adoption certificate. Definitely one of the Must Have Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys

Messi Training Ball

New Championship edition warm-up ball from Lionel Messi to practise keepie uppies, flicks and control.

must have toys 2018

Robo Chameleon

New robot toy for younger kids (3+) which is fun and easy to use. It even shoots out its tongue to catch its food. A Toy Award winner for 2018. See other STEM toys.

must have toys 2018

Barbie Kitchen

New for 2018, the ultimate Barbie kitchen comes complete with doll, kitchen gadgets and Barbie dough. Barbie was first created in 1959 and is still a very popular toy. The kitchen is one of the Dream Toys 2018. Barbie Dream House is on the Christmas List of Smyths.

Must Have toys

Aquadoodle Deluxe

New Aquadoodle with rainbow feature and seven accessories. Mess-free creative art for 18 mos+. See our other picks of toys for Babies and Toddlers.

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Must Have Toys 2018 – Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall

One of the Dream Toys 2018. Brand new Harry Potter LEGO for ages 9-14 years including the very impressive Hogwarts Great Hall. See our other STEM Toys.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018  – Fairy Light Garden

To add to the best-selling Fairy Garden toy collection is the new Fairy Light Garden. It lights up and plays harp music too. The perfect toy for children 4+ who love fairies. See other Toys For Ages 3-4 years. See other craft toys on our STEM Toys page.

Must Have Toys 2018

Kinetic Sand Beach Kingdom

We are big fans of Kinetic Sand. This new set – Beach Kingdom – allows you build sandcastles even when it isn’t beach weather! Winner in the Creative category at the recent BlogOn Toy Awards.

Must Have Toys

Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat

Harry Potter;s Talking Sorting Hat (which you’ll remember from the films) features as one of our top toys 2018. Winner of the Bloggers’ Choice Award at the BlogOn Toy Awards 2018.

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Power Tracks

Power Tracks set in the Action Science range from John Adams. Teaches the first steps of coding and circuit building. For 5+.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018  – Jetts Razor Trainer Wheels

These trainer wheels were one of the Hero Toys 2018. Includes spark pads and skid pads.

Must Have Toys 2018

Toot Toot Pirate Ship

Plenty of play possibilities with a firing cannon and three figures included. Great toy for ages 1 year+.

Must Have Toys

Must Have Toys 2018 – Botley Coding Robot

Another of the Hero Toys 2018, this much-anticipated coding robot is suitable for ages 5 years+. Kids can programme Botley to perform a sequence of steps as he avoids obstacles, manoeuvres courses and moves objects. On our current list of STEM Toys.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Fingerlings Dinosaur

On Argos’s Christmas List 2018, the TRex toy is new from Fingerlings. The Fingerlings monkeys were huge last Christmas. See our blog post about the Fingerlings with all the latest products.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Treasure X

New collectible toy craze on the Christmas Toy Predictions from Argos and Christmas Toy List from Smyths. See our page on the Latest Toy Crazes.

Must Have Toys 2018 – Sylvanian Department Store

Wow, a huge new playset for your Sylvanian Families. Features a two-storey department store with a working lift.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon

This is a massive LEGO set containing nearly 1500 pieces. Suitable for ages 9-14 years, this looks set to be a best-seller for Christmas. See other LEGO new releases 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz are beautiful, collectible little pets that transform in to bracelets. Suitable for ages 4+. There are 70 to collect. We think these will be one of the must have toys of the year.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Pie Face Cannon

New for 2018 from Hasbro in the Pie Face family. Pie Face Cannon carries on the Pie Face tradition but fires the whipped cream this time! For ages 5+.

Must Have toys 2018

Fortnite Monopoly

Inspired by the popular Fortnite video game. Here’s the Monopoly edition for 2-7 players. Earn Health Point Chips instead of Monopoly money to stay in the game. For ages 13+.

Must Have toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Dance and Groove Rockit

New for 2018, Rockit encourages babies and toddlers to dance along to the music. See our other toy picks for babies and toddlers.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Paw Patrol Fire Truck

This is a great playset from the very popular Paw Patrol brand. Features a 2 ft extending ladder and much more. Lots of possibilities for imaginative play. On the list of Christmas Must Have Toys from Argos, Smyths and Amazon. One of the Dream Toys 2018.

Must Have Toys

Must Have Toys 2018 – VTech Crawl Along Doll

New crawl along doll in the Little Love range. Suitable for ages 2+.

Must Have Toys 2018


New card game from Ideal. So, if you love Dobble and Uno, this might well be for you. Lots of family fun for 2+ players aged 6+.

Must Have Toys 2018

Speak Out Showdown

New game from Hasbro that builds on the very successful Speak Out game. This is the competitive ‘showdown’ version for ages 8+. Suitable for 4+ players. Included on our current list of Family Games.

Must Have Toys 2018

Strictly Come Dancing Game

At last, there’s a Strictly board game complete with the voice of Craig Revel Horwood. This is one of the Hero Toys 2018 from the London Toy Fair and it is set to be one of the must have toys 2018.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2018 – Hamster Race

New game for ages 4+ where you race around the track, pick up cheese, tip the see saw and ride the wheel. Last hamster on the track wins.


Must Have Toys 2018


What makes Must Have Toys 2018?

Must have toys 2018 are new or trending toys which are very desirable. They are likely to be the most-wanted Christmas presents. However, children don’t find the things they want for Christmas in toy shops any more. Neither do they get their gift ideas from TV ads. Social media is the big driver for the best new toys 2018.

Even kids who are too young for Instagram or Snapchat see new toys and games on YouTube. Furthermore, with the rise of social media, must have toys can come and go quickly.

Many vloggers work exclusively to market toys. This ramps up at Christmastime. Indeed, some influencers are very young children who are paid to promote products. The larger brands like LEGO have their own channels. Therefore, where toys are concerned, it can be hard to distinguish what is entertainment and what is marketing.

Toy Trends

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big trend in the toy world. These predictions go into over-drive during the Christmas season as shops vie to get parents to buy certain toys as presents. The biggest shops and online retailers such as Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Hamleys all publish lists of toys and games they think will be the biggest sellers.

However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time. Others  reinvent themselves to remain relevant for children.

This page is for information only: a listing does not mean a recommendation or endorsement. We only test products where stated. Ensure you check age suitability very carefully before making a purchase. You are also advised to check the profile of online sellers including delivery times and costs, and product availability before you buy. Must Have Toys is an Amazon Associatewhat does this mean?