Must Have Toys 2019

Top New Toys And Games

Here’s our pick of The Must Have Toys 2019 for all ages and interests. The list includes the best and most recent toys for toddlers and babies, family games, collectible toy crazes, arts and crafts toys and other STEM toys. Most toys and games on our list are new in the UK during the last six – eight months. Some feature in the Hero Toys 2019 and the 2019 Christmas List of Argos. Many were named the best toys for Christmas 2018 and still going strong. If you can’t find any of these toys locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure].


Pictionary Air

Must Have Toys

We love a bit of Pictionary but this new version is something completely different. You download the free app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. You can record your performance and play it back for more laughs in between rounds!

LEGO Friends Gymnastics

Must Have Toys 2019 LEGO Friends Gymnastics

Fabulous new LEGO Friends Gymnastics set.Includes three gymnastics areas : jumping function trampoline, spinning parallel bars and main stage with a rotating platform. Also comes with two mini-dolls.

Rainbow Fashion Surprise

Must Have Toys 2019 - Rainbow Fashion Surprise

New from the people who brought you Poopsie Unicorn Surprise. This fashion doll is 35cm tall and comes with more than 20 surprises and lots of play possibilities. There are two to collect – Amethyst Rae or Blue Skye. 

latest toy crazes

Must Have Toys 2019 – Owleez


New from Spinmaster, the people behind Hatchimals. Owleez are – they say – the first interactive pet that you can teach to fly! Kids will love taking care of their new little friend who is able to express their needs and responds to touch. Also features on the Argos Christmas Toy List 2019.

LOL Surprise Boys

LOL Suprise Boys

The fabulously popular LOL brand now comes in boy figures, brothers to the existing dolls we know and love.


Avocado inflatable

avocado inflatable

How about this trendy avocado inflatable where the stone is a beach ball? We can report back from our summer holidays that big French Fries and Pug inflatables are also on-trend for this year, and unicorns are still going strong!


New Kindle Fire For Kids

Must Have Toys Kindle Fire for kids

New in 2019 is the 9th Generation Kindle Fire For Kids, 7 inch, 16GB tablet. Great value at under £100. Includes a two-year worry free replacement if it breaks for any reason.


Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn and Princess Barbie

Must Have Toys 2019 Barbie Dreamtopia

Love this new Barbie set with magical lights unicorn and Princess Barbie. 

Sprinkle Play Mat

Must Have Toys 2019

Sun’s out and here’s a great way to stay cool! For kids over six years old.

Toy Story 4 Talking Forky Figure


Must Have Toys 2019 Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is a huge hit this Summer. The newest toy to join the adventures is Forky. This fabulous Talking Forky Figure has 15+ phrases and sounds with moving facial expressions too. 

My Own Rainbow

Must Have toys 2019

We love this rainbow light projector. Perfect for parties and sleepovers. Sweet dreams!

Cashless Monopoly

Must Have Toys 2019

It’s been all over the news recently. This latest innovation of the game takes Monopoly to the next level. There is a voice-activated Mr Monopoly handling all the transactions, keeping tabs on property and money. No cash and cards to think about! 

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus

Must Have Toys 2019 LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus

The Harry Potter Knight Bus (not Night Bus, of course) is one of the picks for Christmas 2019 from Argos. In addition to the hinged opening side panel, there’s also a removable roof and, you guessed it, a swinging chandelier. Comes complete with lots of little extras like a wand, letter, chocolate bar and potion bottle. Can be built with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building. Get set for a bumpy ride!


Sun’s out – that means it’s time for Swingball. This is the multi-surface version of the ever-enduring outdoor game. 



Fortnite Nerf Super-soaker

Water-blasting Fortnite Replica Blaster.

Fortnite Water soaker Must Have Toys

Uno Flip

One of our all-time favourite card games for taking on holiday. This new version has an exciting twist where you can flip the entire deck and change the direction of the game entirely.

must have toys 2019

Our pick of the best travel games

Artie 3000 Robot

Artie is a coding/drawing robot and one of the Hero Toys 2019. The perfect blend of programming, geometry and maths with art. There are four modes of play: pre-programmed shapes, games, art for colouring and free-form coding. Includes three project cards, drag and drop visual programming interface built right in, and four thin, washable, felt-tip, coloured pens. Suitable for ages 7+.

must have toys 2019

Must Have STEM Toys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Figures

New action figure toys shown here in Donatello who performs a side flipping manoeuvre together with sounds. One of the Hero Toys 2019.

Must Have Toys 2019

Must Have Toys 2019 – Nerf Rukkus ICS-8 Nerf N-Strike Elite

New Nerf for kids 8+ with eight-dart capacity. This is one of the top toy brands and always features on the lists of Must Have Toys. One of the Hero Toys 2019.

Must Have Toys 2019

Must Have Toys 2019 – Butterfly Counting Friend

New from Leapfrog and suitable from birth. Delightful development toy with colourful number buttons and learning songs. One of the Hero Toys 2019. See other toys for Babies and Toddlers.

Must Have Toys 2019

baby and toddler toys

Magic Touch Piano

The Magic Touch Piano is a wooden musical toy that makes real piano sounds when you tap the keys. Children can create their own tunes or play familiar ones or, in play-along mode, play classical music.

must have toys 2019

LEGO Movie 2 Movie Maker

For fans of LEGO Movie 2 aged 8+. This is an exciting LEGO set where you can build a stage and film your own movie. One of the hero toys 2019.

Must Have Toys 2019

Must Have Toys 2019 – Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel

New pet hotel from Playmobil which features a number of different pets to care for. Include food, toys and three Playmobil figures. See our other toy picks for kids aged 3-4 years.

Must Have Toys 2019

Engino STEM Heroes Greenhouse

A great present for a budding gardener or scientist. Build your own greenhouse to explore how plants grow. Seeds and soil not included. One of the Hero Toys 2019. See other STEM Toys.

Must Have Toys 2019

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck

New from the ever-popular Paw Patrol, which regularly features on the lists of best toys. Includes lights, sounds, moving parts and a mini vehicle for lots of exciting play possibilities.

Must Have Toys 2019

Must Have Toys 2019 – LEGO McClaren Senna

New LEGO for 2019 in the Speed Champions range. The LEGO McClaren Senna set has 219 pieces for a built car that is 15cm long. For children aged 7 years+. 

Must Have Toys 2019


Must Have Toys 2019 – Off The Hook

Great present for someone who likes dressing up dolls. New customisable dolls with almost endless mix and match fashion looks plus fashion surprises.

must have toys 2019

Must Have Toys 2019 – LEGO Minecraft

Great present for a Minecraft fan. Build and venture to the End dimension! Includes Dragon Slayer minifigure.

Must Have Toys 2019

LOL Surprise! Pop-Up Store

LOL Surprise was named US Toy of the Year at the annual TOTY Awards in New York in February 2019. The pop-up store is perfect to play, display and carry away your LOLs. Comes with one doll and holds around 55 others that you have collected separately.

Dream Toys 2018

Dino Dump Game

New from Big Potato games for ages 6+. A game that combines dinosaurs with poo and includes stinky stickers! Good price for a present to take to a birthday party.

Must have toys 2019

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint

Selected as the best toy on How To Spend It Well At Christmas 2018. Also on the 2018 Toy Lists of Argos, Amazon, Smyths, John Lewis and Hamleys. This is a no dart Nerf that’s ready to play out of the box. Like Laser Quest at home.

How To Spend It Well At Christmas


Must Have Toys 2019 – The Sock Game

The Sock Game came top of the games on How To Spend It Well at Christmas 2018 and looks set to be one of the Must Have Toys 2019. This game has a very traditional feel to it and might be good to take on holiday. You use touch to find objects in the stripey sock. 

Must Have Toys 2019 – Boxer The Robot

Boxer Robot was on Amazon’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas as well as the Argos Predictions 2018, Hamleys Top 12 Toys For Christmas and Smyths Top 15 Toys For Christmas. Boxer is a new AI robot with a big personality. 

Must Have Toys 2018

Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Overall winner of the 10th annual Rainbow Toy Awards and TOTY finalist. Fabulous STEM play toy for curious minds. There are 20+ hands on experiments. For children aged 3+. See other toys for 3-4 year-olds.

Must Have Toys 2018

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations

Slime is still sticking around as a huge craze. We have the Cra-Z-Slimy kit on our list of Toy Crazes.

must have toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2019 – Fingerlings Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset

The Fingerlings continue to be a huge toy trend. The dinosaur collection now includes this playset which comes with a T-Rex dinosaur.

Must Have Toys 2018

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

Just to prove that Harry Potter is as popular as ever. The Training Wand was also winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and was on the list of Dream Toys 2018


Use the Gravitrax starter set to create incredibly demanding ball runs. Also one of John Lewis’s Christmas Toys and an Amazon Choice toy. See our page on STEM toys.

Must Have Toys 2018

Scruff A Luvs

Very cute concept toy where your kids turn a scruffy ball in to their new FFF (furry friend forever). Wash, dry, brush and love these adorable pets. Includes grooming kit and adoption certificate. Definitely one of the Must Have Toys 2019.

Must Have Toys

Messi Training Ball

New Championship edition warm-up ball from Lionel Messi to practise keepie uppies, flicks and control. Great toy to take to a birthday party.

must have toys 2018

Robo Chameleon

New robot toy for younger kids (3+) which is fun and easy to use. It even shoots out its tongue to catch its food. See other STEM toys.

must have toys 2018

Barbie Kitchen

The ultimate Barbie kitchen comes complete with doll, kitchen gadgets and Barbie dough. Barbie was first created in 1959 and is still a very popular toy. 

Must Have toys

Aquadoodle Deluxe

The New Aquadoodle is a great toy for little ones. Complete with rainbow feature and seven accessories. Mess-free creative art for 18 mos+. See our other picks of toys for Babies and Toddlers.

must have toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2019 – Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall

Harry Potter LEGO for ages 9-14 years including the very impressive Hogwarts Great Hall. Won Specialty Toy Of The Year at the TOTY Awards held in February 2019. See our other STEM Toys.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2019  – Fairy Light Garden

To add to the best-selling Fairy Garden toy collection is the new Fairy Light Garden. It lights up and plays harp music too. A must have toy for children 4+ who love fairies. See other Toys For Ages 3-4 years. See other craft toys on our STEM Toys page.

Must Have Toys 2018

Power Tracks

STEM is a very popular toy choice for kids of all ages. Power Tracks set in the Action Science range from John Adams. Teaches the first steps of coding and circuit building. For 5+. This is a must have STEM toy for curious kids.

Must Have Toys 2018

Must Have Toys 2019 – Dance and Groove Rockit

Dance and Groove Rockit from Fisher Price encourages babies and toddlers to dance along to the music. A great development toy. See our other toy picks for babies and toddlers.

Must Have Toys 2018

What makes Must Have Toys 2019?

Must Have Toys 2019 are new toys that children really, really want. Often these are the best-selling toys of the year and the winners of awards from the largest toy organisations. They tap in to toy trends or follow film and TV offerings. Social media – specifically YouTube –  is the big driver for the best selling toys in 2019. In today’s world, the must have toys can come and go very quickly. That could be one of the reasons why collectibles are so big currently. However, there are plenty of toys and games that have stood the test of time. Others reinvent themselves to remain relevant for children.

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