Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

By | 28/08/2018

What Will Your Kids Want For Christmas?

The Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 is out. These are the products that top store Argos is predicting will be the must-have toys this coming Christmas. If you wish to check prices on Amazon, we’ve included links where possible [disclosure].

Nerf Laser Ops

The only product to feature on the toy lists from Amazon, Argos and John Lewis. No dart Nerf that’s ready to play out of the box. There’s also an app which adds more to matches

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – LOL Surprise Eye Spy Under Wraps

LOL Surprise Dolls continue to be hugely popular. This brand new version contains 15 surprises – you use the spy glass to find the clues.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – Fingerlings Untamed Dino

From the highly successful – and very good value for money – Fingerlings range. Dino looks set to be a big hit this year. He reacts to sound, motion, and touch, and has wild roars and chomping jaws. Features on our list of Latest Toy Crazes.

Argos Christmas List 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

New unicorn toy which combines the slime, unicorn, poop emoji and surprise trends. Also on the Amazon Christmas Toy List.

Argos Christmas Toy List

LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Loving the frozen mammoth completely encased in ice. LEGO always features heavily on the Christmas lists from the top stores. This set is suitable for ages 7-12 years and perfect when the weather is a little colder and frostier outside.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – VTech Fantasy Unicorn

Myla is a multi-faceted unicorn toy for ages 5-10 years. Select any colour from her make-up palette an apply it magically to her horn, eyes and wings. Watch as they magically light up in that colour. There’s also a magic microphone for singing together. Unicorns are still a key toy trend.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Treasure X

The Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 includes the three-pack of Treasure X. Treasure X is a surprise-reveal collectible with a multi-layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find real treasure. Also on our list of Toy Crazes.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Fingerlings Hugs

New from the Fingerlings family is the very huggable Fingerlings Hugs. For ages 6+. See our related blog post on Fingerlings. Also on our list of Must Have Toys 2018.

Argos Christmas Toys list 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – Boxer

New AI robot with a big personality. Also on the list of Top Ten Toys from Amazon. There are many ways to play including tricks and games with a free app to extend play possibilities. See other robots on our STEM page.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – My Lovely Unicorn Ride-On

Wow, what a ride-on for a unicorn fan. Features forward and reverse gears – you use the reins to turn – and colourful lights and sounds when the torn is touched. Also includes hairbrush and accessories so you can personalise your unicorn’s hair and tail.

Argos Christmas Toy List 2018

Paw Patrol Fire Truck

New Fire Truck for Paw Patrol fans. Another toy to feature on both the Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 and Amazon’s Top Ten Toys. With extendable 2 ft ladder and lots of other exciting features.

Argos Christmas toy list 2018

The Full List 2018

Fingerlings Untamed Dino Cage, Nerf Laser Ops Two-Pack, LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base, Boxer, Treasure X 3-Pack Chest, My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On, Vtech Fantasy Unicorn, Paw Patrol Rescue Fire Truck Playset, Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll, Fingerlings Hugs, LOL Surprise Under Wraps, Poopsie Unicorn Surprise.

Here’s the full list from 2017

The Argos Christmas List from 2017 included Luvabella, Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran, Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone, PJ Masks Headquarter Playset, Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen, Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks, Hatchimals & new Colleggtibles, Fisher Price Teach n Tag Movi, Lego Boost, Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, Tiny Treasures Twin Set, and SoundMoovz.

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