Best Family Games 2018

By | March 21, 2019

Games For All The Family

Please note this post is from 2018. See our page on Family Games for the latest games for all the family.

Here’s our pick of the Best Family Games 2018 including board games, physical games – some brand new, some classics or reboots. If you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Related Post about Best Card Games 2018.

Slam It

New card game from John Adams. It’s a bit like Dobble. Put your hand down when you get a match – last hand on top takes the cards. First player to put down all their cards wins.

Best family games 2018

Colour Brain

This is a great new game for families with older children – although we played it recently with some 9/10 year-olds in mixed teams. Check out the 100% positive reviews on Amazon. The idea is to correctly name the colour/s for things you see everyday. It’s harder than you think!

Best family games

Best Family Games 2018 – Penguin Pile-Up

Amazon Choice Product – Balancing game – For 1-6 players – Ages 5+ – Playing Time 15 mins.

Best Family Games 2018 Penguin Pile Up

Pay Day

New for 2018 – Ages 8+ – Suitable for 2-4 players – The one who makes the most cash wins!

Best family games 2018

Best Family Games 2018 – Bugs In The Kitchen

Includes Hexbug nano – One of the ‘most gifted’ games on Amazon – For 2-4 players – Ages 6+ – Playing Time 20 mins.

Best Family Games 2018

Best Family Games 2018 – Articulate Kids

Amazon Choice Product – Fast-talking description game – For 4-10 players – Ages 6-12 years – Junior version of Articulate.

Best Family Games 2018

Best Family Games 2018 – Dig In

Amazon Choice Product – Ages 8+ – For 2-4 players – Rummage through the 132 objects to match the six on your card.

Googly Eyes

Drawing game with vision-altering glasses – Ages 7+ – For 4-16 players (so good for parties).

Best Games 2018 Googly Eyes

Jenga Pass

New for 2018 – Rebooted Jenga where you have to pass the stack – Ages 8+.

Best Games 2018 Jenga Pass

Pie Face Showdown

The very successful Pie Face game where you play against another person to see who gets splattered – Ages 5+.

Best Family Games 2018


Classic game where you put down all your tiles to win – Ages 7+ – Also in Rummikub Junior for 4+.

Best Family Games Rummikub

Crazy Chefs

Orchard Games – British-made – Teacher-tested – Ages 3-6 years – For 2-5 players – Collect Ingredients to make a tasty dish.
Best Family Games 2018 Crazy Chefs

Game Of Life

Classic game – Now includes vacation cards inspired by TripAdvisor – Ages 8+ – Also comes in junior version for ages 5+.

Best Family Games 2018

5 Second Rule Junior

Amazon Choice Product – 3-6 players – Ages 6+ – Also available for ages 8+.

Best Family Games 2018

Toilet Trouble

For ages 5+ – Random squirts of water when flush is used – Asks the question: “Which flush will cause the gush?”

Best Family Games 2018

Game For Fame

Chosen as a must-have game by ITV’s This Morning – Ages 10+ – Easy to play.

Best Family Games Game For Fame

Go Sushi Party

Deluxe version of one of our favourite games – Ages 8+ – For 2-8 players – The card version is great for holidays.

Best Family Games 2018 Go Sushi Party

Guess Who

One of our favourite games – For two players (although we played in two teams when the children were younger) Ages 6+.

Best Family Games 2018


Amazon Choice Product – For ages 8+ – Last person with a full mask is the winner!

Best Family Games 2018


Ageless classic game – Ages 8+ – Now available in a range of types (we love cashless Ultimate Banking) including Junior Monopoly for ages 5+ (well-priced for a birthday present).

Best Family Games 2018

Crocodile Dentist

A game of daring dentistry – Suitable for ages 4+.

Best Family Games 2018

Bounce Off

For ages 7+ – Play in teams – Pick a card and bounce the balls on to the grid in the shape shown.

Rubik’s Race

Amazon Choice Product – For two players – Ages 5+ – Race against your opponent to make the pattern first.

Best Family Games 2018

Dinosaur Lotto

New for 2018 – Orchard Toys – Made In Britain – Under £10 – Ages 3-7 years – Educational game.

Best Family Games 2018

Don’t Step In It

New Game from Hasbro – Ages 4+ – Dodge the dog poo!

Best Family Games 2018


One for the emoji fans – Ages 8+ – Asks you to show the emotion on the card you pick.

Best Family Games 2018

Board games are back

The Hobby Games sector is said to be soaring, worth more than $1.4 billion in the US in 2016, a 20 per cent rise on the previous year (sourced from an article in The Telegraph, 29/1/18).

Games are well-priced for presents, most in the £15-£20 price bracket. They are also great for playing at home-based parties.

Regular game-playing offers the chance for families to spend quality time together away from the distractions of phones, tablets and telly. They also have educational benefits such as learning strategies, taking turns and matching skills.

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