Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018

By | 19/01/2018

Great Gifts For Kids from 3-4 Years

We look at best-selling toys, toy trends, educational toys and new releases to bring you our pick of the Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018. See also Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018  Baby And Toddler Toys and Latest Crazes. In case you can’t find any of these toys and games locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Junior STEM toy from trusted brand Little Tikes for scientists aged 3+. Overall winner in The Rainbow Awards 2018.

Best toys 3-4

Moonlite Story Projector

New for 2018. Storybook projector to help you bring books alive.

Best toys 3-4 years

Brio Smart Tech Engine With Action Tunnels

New for 2018. Loads of possibilities for imaginative play with this wooden railway set in the Smart Tech range. Suitable for ages 3+. Chosen as the best wooden toy at the BlogOn Awards in September 2018.

best toys children 3-4

Baby Born Mermaid

New for 2018. This is a 46cm doll that actually swims in water. Includes tiara and comb.

best toys children 3-4

Playmobil Aquarium

Winner of the Best Imagination Toy at the BlogOn Awards 2018. Hugely exciting Playmobil playset for children ages 4+. Includes three figures and many other accessories.

best toys children 3-4

Animagic Waggles

The new wiggly, waggly pet dog from Animagic. He walks just like a real sausage dog.

Best toys children 3-4

Paw Patrol Fire Truck

New for 2018 and on Argo’s Christmas List this year, the Paw Patrol fire truck has a 2 ft extendable ladder and many other exciting features. For ages 3+.

Best toys 3-4


Large dinosaur figures from the Jurassic World movies. Complete with realistic sounds and articulated arms and legs. Suitable for ages 3+.

best toys 3-4

Robot Chameleon

New for 2018, portable robot for ages 3 years+.

Playfoam Pals

Tapping in to the whole slime craze, this playfoam is mess-free, non-toxic and won’t dry out. Play Foam Play Pals are a new way to enjoy it.

Best Toys 3-4

Best Toys 3-4

Crayola Silly Scents Washable Paints

New from Crayola. Washable paints that smell like fruits. Non-toxic.

Best Toys 3-4

Petit Collage Pop-Out Safari

Beautiful pop-out safari toy for creative play.

best toys 3-4

Melissa And Doug Ice-Cream Set

For ages 3+. Magnetic food-play set. Enhances social interaction and fine motor skills.

Best toys children 3-4 years 2018

Furreal Munchin’ Rex

New baby dinosaur with 35+ sounds and motion combinations. For ages 4+.

Best toys 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Funny Bunny Game

Fun game with hidden hazards like the mole who may pop up and push the bunnies down the hill – From ages 4 years+

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Emma’s Pet Party

Brand new for 2018 – Easy to build – Includes minifigure and cat figure – Pet themed – Ages 4-7 years – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Marble Run

Classic game – 60 piece constuction set – Make simple runs or more complex ones – Ages 4 years+ – Under £20.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Switch and Go Dinos

Switch from a vehicle to a dinosaur. For ages 3+. Over 50 sounds and animated screen. An Amazon Choice product.

best toys 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Fairy Light Garden

New from the successful My Fairy Garden family. Fairy Light Garden features a light-up fairy house. For ages 4+.

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Kinetic Sand

Amazon Choice Toy – Tactile and creative play opportunities – Comes with storage box, three moulds and one tool – Ages 4+.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Shopping List Game

Fun memory game – 2-4 players – Suitable for ages 3-7 years – Promotes Imaginative Play – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Baby Annabell

Amazon #1 Best-selling nurturing doll – Variety of realistic functions – Babbles, giggles, sleeps, burps and wets.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Exogini Exoship

The Exoginis are crazy aliens – A new collectible craze – Related Blog Post – Suitable for Ages 4+ – See all Exoginis on Amazon.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Trolls Critter Pod

Fabulous new playset featuring Poppy from The Trolls. Ages 4+.

best toys 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Space Torch

Amazon Choice Toy – Brainstorm Toys – Projects 24 fascinating colour space images onto walls and ceilings in a dark room – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Best Toys Children 3-4 Years 2018 – Butterfly Garden

Raise your own butterflies – Comes with Voucher to buy caterpillars March-September.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Play-Doh Dentist Drill And Fill

Fun Play-Doh set – Includes electric drill, tooth and brace maker, toothpaste and brush.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Doctor’s Medical Case

Amazon Choice Toy – 11 pieces of equipment in carry case – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Melissa And Doug Sandwich Pretend Play

16 sandwich pieces which crunch when cut apart – Under £20.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Chicco Balance Bike

Amazon best-seller. Balance bike for ages 3-5 years. Height-adjustable handles and saddle.

Toys Children 3-4 Years

Orchard Toys Crazy Chefs

Teaches children about different foods – Encourages kids to have fun in the kitchen – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Bayer Doll’s Pram

Bayer dolls’ pram suitable for dolls up to 46cm – Handle is adjustable from 35-68cm.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Barbie Dreamtopia

New in 2017 – Magical light-up Barbie Mermaid – Tail glimmers with light when dipped in water.

Best Toys Children 3-4

Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

Lookout tower measuring 2.5 feet tall – Includes rotating periscope, lights and sounds.

Best Toys Children 3-4

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