Best Toys Children 5-8 Years

By | May 12, 2020

Top Toys 2020

Best Toys Children 5-8 years 2020. This is our pick of new releases as well as classic toys suitable for children between the ages of five and eight years. In case you can’t find any of these toys and games locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure]. See also our page on Family Games.

LEGO Dots Rainbow Jewellery Stand

LEGO Dots are a new craft building idea from LEGO. Decorate this stand in your own style and use it to display your jewellery. You can buy packs of extra dots and other projects such as an animal pen holder. For kids aged 6+.

Toys for kids 5-8 years LEGO dots

Nerf Ultra One

New from Nerf  is the Ultra One Motorised Blaster. Uses the new Ultra darts which are the farthest flying ever with a distance of up to 36 metres. It promises extreme accuracy and speed too. For ages 8+. See more of the best new toys 2020.

best toys 5-8 years

Rubie’s Spiderman Costume

For ages 5-7 years, this Spiderman costume from Rubie’s includes printed jumpsuit and matching snood.

Best toys 5-8 years

Hornby Junior Paddington Train Set

New Paddington-themed, battery-operated Hornby Junior Train Set. Contains carriage express train with headlights, tunnel, station, straight and curved track, power poles and trees. Named Best Toy for ages  4-7 years in the recent Mums Choice Awards 2019.

best toys 5-8 years

Elsa and Anna Party Shoes

Perfect gift for anyone who loves the Frozen movies.

Best toys 5-8 years

Puff Ball

Finalists in the Dream Toys 2019. Get the ball along the track of cups using only your puff! For ages 6+.

best toys 5-8 years

Leapfrog Rockit Twist

A finalist in the Innovative Toy of the Year category of the US Toy Of The Year Awards 2020. This educational travel game  is the a great learning toy to get started with maths, literacy, science and encourage creativity.
best toys 5-8 years

KidCom Mobile Device

And new for 2019 is the KidiCom mobile device for kids aged 3-6+. You can exchange secure messages with family and friends via the KidConnect app. Also includes a camera and connects to VTech’s platform to download books, apps and educational games.

best toys 5-8 years

SmART Sketcher Projector

Project and sketch with the smart sketcher projector. Choose pre-loaded ‘learn to draw’ pictures or use the free downloadable app to load your own photos, For ages 5+.

Best Toys 5-8 years

Magformers Mastermind Deluxe

Great new Magformers STEM toy set for ages 3+. Includes 115 pieces and loads of construction possibilities for active minds.

best toys 5-8 years

Playmobil Space Station

Named 2019 Overall Rainbow Toy Awards Champion and also an Amazon Choice Product. For Playmobil fans aged 6+. Comes with working lights and sounds (batteries required), rotatable and detachable capsules, and many more exciting features.

best toys 5-8 years

Playmobil Del’s Food Truck

Another Playmobil winner from 2019 Rainbow Toy Awards. Features in Playmobil The Movie.

Best toys 5- 8 years

Must Have Toys 2019 – Juno Baby Elephant

One of the Amazon Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2019. Juno is an adorable elephant and a very sophisticated interactive toy. This baby elephant has a lifelike animated trunk that responds to touch. And Juno’s personality grows as you pet and play with her. She giggles, makes funny sounds and swings her trunk. For ages 5+.

Best Toys 5-8 years

Barbie Dream Plane

Here’s a lovely set for your Barbies to play in. Includes real working overhead storage and refreshment trolley with trays and snacks. Doesn’t include the dolls. On the list of Top Toys for Christmas 2019 from Smyths – see all the Christmas Toy Lists for 2019. There’s more Barbie picks below including Barbie Cake Decorating.


Best Toys 5-8 years

Gravitrax Starter Set XXL

Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling. This is the XXL set, chosen as Best Construction Toy in the BlogOn Toy Awards 2019 and on the 2019 Christmas List from John Lewis. For ages 8+.

Best toys 5-8 years

Aquabeads Crystal Carriage

Aquabeads (and Hama Beads too) were very popular with our children when they were younger. This new set makes a 3D Crystal Carriage. Well-priced for a gift for a friend’s birthday party.

Best toys 5-8 years

Nexo Climbing Robot

New for Autumn 2019, the Nexo Climbing Robot lets you build a gravity-defying robot which will walk vertically up smooth surfaces. For ages 6+.

Best toys 5-8 years

Colour Mazing

New creative colouring set from John Adams. We think this is a brilliant gift for kids in the 6-9 years age bracket. The ink magically stops at the lines and you can blend colours.

best toys 5-8 years

Must Have Toys 2019 – Furreal Cubby Bear

Cubby Bear is a new interactive and lifelike toy for children aged 4 years and over. He moves his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and arms and make lots of cute sounds. At night he’ll make sleepy sounds and plays soft music. One of the toys on the Christmas List at Argos and also on Smyths Top Toys For Christmas 2019. Voted the top interactive/tech toy at the 2019 BlogOn Toy Awards.

Best Toys 5-8 years

Walkie Talkies

This is a great present which will keep kids aged 5+ occupied for hours. From trusted brand Vtech, they offer a range of 200m and have a digital screen so you can send secure messages and play games too.

Best toys 5-8 years


New from Tomy, the Rizmos are cute musical interactive plush toys that love to play. You can even sing a tune and Rizmo will sing it back to you. Comes in Berry, Aqua and Snow colours with six to collect but you don’t know which one you’ve got until you help it evolve.

Best toys 5-8 years

VTech Secret Selfie Journal

Interactive journal which uses facial recognition to unlock it. Storage for 750 photos. With front and rear cameras. Ages 6+.

Best toys 5-8 years


LOL Winter Ski Chalet

Wow – this is an amazing gift for an LOL fan including 95+ surprises! A wooden multi-story chalet house with six rooms and interactive features that include a chimney that snows and a real ice-skating rink. One of Hamleys’ Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2019. For kids aged 6+.

Best toys 5-8 years

Rainbocorns Llamacorn

New from the Rainbocorns is the Llamacorn. This is a sequin collectible plush toy with lots of surprises. See our page with all the latest Toy Crazes.

Best Toys 5-8 years


Monster Jam Arena Playset

New arena play-set for your Monster Jam vehicles. Includes Monster Dirt from Kinetic Sand.

Best toys 5-8 years

My Fairy Garden

We love the My Fairy play-sets where you can grow magical gardens for your fairy friends.

best toys 5-8 years

LEGO City Rocket Assembly and Transport

Part of the LEGO City range, it features a multi-stage rocket, rover payload module, launch control room with rotating satellite dish and assembly crane. On the list of Top Toys for Christmas 2019 from John Lewis.

Best toys 5-8 years


LOL Surprise Backpack

Cutest backpack for LOL fans.

best toys 5 - 8 years

Botley Coding Robot

Toy Of The Year award winner 2019. Children from 5 years+ can programme Botley to perform a sequence of steps as he avoids obstacles, manoeuvres courses and moves objects.

Best toys 5-8 years

Must Have STEM Toys

Orchard Toys Magic Spelling

We loved Orchard Toys when our children were younger. This is the new ‘Magic Spelling’. There’s also ‘Magic Maths’. For children aged 5-7 years.

best toys 5-7 years

Kinetic Rock Crusher

New from Kinetic Sand is the range of construction sets using kinetic rock. We think these are going to be very popular with the 5+ age-range. Also in the set is the Paver vehicle. Plus, there are also individual rocks containing hidden treasure.

Best toys 5-8 years

LEGO Friends Gymnastics

Fabulous new LEGO Friends Gymnastics set.Includes three gymnastics areas : jumping function trampoline, spinning parallel bars and main stage with a rotating platform. Also comes with two mini-dolls.

Best toys 5-8 years


Massive Monster Mayhem Inflatable Bash Armour

Inflatable head gear and fists for kids aged 4-12 years. One of the Hero Toys 2019.

Best toys 5-8 years

Uno Flip

Uno is a massively popular family card game. It’s one of our top favourites for taking on holiday. This new version has an exciting twist where you can flip the entire deck and change the direction of the game entirely. Good gift to take to a birthday party.

Best games children 5-8 years 2019

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – Off The Hook

New customisable dolls with almost endless mix and match fashion looks plus fashion surprises.

best toys children 5-8 years

LEGO Minecraft

Build and venture to the End dimension! New LEGO set for Minecraft fans aged 7+. Includes Dragon Slayer minifigure.

Best toys children 5-8 years

Ozzbozz Unicorn Scooter

Amazon Choice product. Light up wheels and easy fold and lock mechanism.

best toys 5-8

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

An interactive bunny that really eats paper treats!

Best Toys Children 5-8 years

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver

New for the thirteenth doctor. With lights and sound effects.

Best Toys 3-4

Barbie Kitchen

New for 2018, the ultimate Barbie kitchen complete with doll, gadgets and Barbie dough.

best toys 5-8

Furreal Ricky

New from Furreal is Ricky, a toy dog who does tricks and responds with over 100 sound and motion combinations. A new best friend for children 4 years+. On John Lewis’s Christmas List 2018.

best toys children 5-8

Frightful First Experiments

First experiments for ages 6+. Includes lots of ‘proper’ kit like test-tubes and goggles for 18 experiments. See other STEM Toys.

best toys children 5-8


Hama Beads 3D Dogs

Brilliant new set from one of our favourite arts and crafts set. Ages 5 years+.

Best Toys Children 5-8

Boxer The Robot

New AI robot with a big personality. There are many ways to play including tricks and games with a free app to extend play possibilities. Also on the Argos Christmas List 2018.

best toys children 5-8


My Mermaid Lagoon

A bit like My Fairy Garden but for mermaids. Lots of play possibilities with this collectable kit.

best toys children 5-8

Pixelo Neon

Choose a colouring sheet, then use your PIXELO pen to colour with amazing dotted effects. You can also use the markers as normal pens to doodle, draw and colour your sheets.

Best toys 5-8

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Puppet Set

One of the Hero Toys from The Toy Fair in London 2018. Imaginative play puppet set.

Best Toys 5-8 years

Bloco Rainforest

Exciting new type of construction set using high-density foam pieces and interlinking connectors. Makes fabulous models for display or play.

Best Toys 5-8

Aquabeads Unicorn

New for 2018 from one of our favourite crafty sets. Aquabeads now has a set for unicorns. Just spray the water and the beads stick together. There are over 2000 beads in this collection.

Best toys children 5-8

London Wooden Train Set

Features familiar London sights. Figure of eight track. Sturdy and durable. Not for children under 3 years.

Best Toys Children 5-8 years

Cutie Stix

Ages 6+ – create necklaces, bracelets, figures and nail art – Includes everything you need to cut 224 pieces – Under £25.
Best Toys Children 5-8 Cutie Stix

Stretch Armstrong

BHTA Action Toy Of The Year 2018. The fabulous stretchy toy man Stretch Armstrong. Hours of fun!

Best Toys Children 5-8

GALT Sewing Kits

New in 2018 – Crafty Club Sewing Kit – Also available in Bunny, Owl, Frog and Kitten – Great presents for ages 6+

Best Toys Children 5-8


LEGO City Police

High speed chase – Includes 294 pieces – Compatible with all other LEGO sets – Ages 5-12 years – Under £20.


Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – Pocket Telescope

Portable telescope – Extend lens to focus – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – Tangled Curl N Twist

Curl Rapunzel’s hair into ringlets that hold their style – Includes curling wand – Under £20.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – LEGO Creator Drone

Futuristic drone featuring twin rotors, posable cameras, large opening cockpit and landing gear that doubles as a lifting claw – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2019 – Money Match Cafe Game

Develops skills in addition, money handling and imaginative play – 2-4 players – Under £15.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018 – Bug Safari

STEAM educational toy – Explore nature on your doorstep – Under £15.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018 – Playmobil Wedding Limo

One of the Hero Toys at The Toy Fair, London 2018 – Includes three characters – Detachable roof.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018 – Hedbanz Junior

Especially for ages 5+ – Animal-themed – Under £15.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018 – Build A Bot

Build your own Pet – Electronic motor allows your pet to hop across the table and over obstacles.

Best Toys Children 5-8 Years 2018 – Barbie Colour In Fashion

Five washable fashion pieces – Crayola colouring pens.


LEGO Friendship House

New for 2018 – Includes three minifigures and pets – Four-storey house with garage, kitchen, living area, bedroom, roof terrace.

Treehouse Design and Build

STEAM educational toy – Includes 50 pieces – Under £15.

Tell The Time Game

Orchard Games – Makes learning to tell the time fun – Amazon Choice Product – Under £10.

Silly Sausage

John Adams game – Tests speed and reaction – Under £20.

Stomp Rocket

The original Stomp Rocket – Can reach a height of 400 feet – Under £15.

Sew N Style

Make your own creations or follow the Cool Maker crafts – Includes pom-pom maker.

Magnetic Lab

Amazon Choice Product – Nine fun experiments – STEAM Educational Toy – Under £15.

Viper Go-Kart

Built-in gear stick and handbrake – Ages 8+.

Best Toys Children 5-8


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