Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019

By | March 23, 2020

Great Presents For Kids

Best Toys Children 9-11 years 2019. This is our pick of new releases as well as classic toys suitable for children between the ages of nine and eleven years. Our choice includes STEM toys, outdoor toys and creative toys such as LEGO. In case you can’t find any of these toys and games locally – or just want to check prices – we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure].


What Came First Game

New in 2019 from Big Potato Games (Colour Brain, Don’t Get Got etc) is What Came First. For ages 10+, you bet on which one came first for example, mayonnaise or ketchup? It’s fast-paced and fun. A great alternative to bingeing on boxsets!

best toys 9-11 years

Make It Real Cosmetic Set

Starter cosmetic set for tweens to experiment with make-up styles. Includes all the essentials for a perfect manicure to complete your look

best toys 9-11 years

Harry Potter Cluedo

Just out for Christmas 2019 is Harry Potter Cluedo.  For ages 9+, this is the classic game but featuring all your favourite HP characters.

best toys 9-11 years

Den Kit

We love this Den Kit. Send them out in to the woods to have some fantastic fun!

Best toys 9-11 years

LED Strip Lights

Light up their lives with these remote control lights.

best toys 9-11

Horrible Histories Board Game

Great gift for Horrible Histories fans aged 8+.

best presents kids 9-11 years

Boomtrix Multi-pack

One of the finalists in the Dream Toys 2019. Marble tricks set with trampolines. For ages 8+.

best toys 9-11 years

Airhogs Wall Climbing Car

The new Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser is a wall-climbing race car and makes a great gift for kids aged 8 and up. The Zero Gravity Laser is USB rechargeable and requires 3 AAA batteries for the controller (not included). For indoor use only.

best toys 9-11 years

Blinger Diamond

Blinger Diamond is a styling tool to bling up hair, bags, clothing and many more uses. One of the Hot 10 Holiday Toys from the US toysite The Toy Insider.

best toys 9-11

Slap Ninja

One of Tesco’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2019. Play as the Ninja master and use his huge Karate chop slap to defend the coin. Or play as the student trying to tap the coin. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner! For ages 8+.

best toys 9-11

LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender

New in Autumn 2019 for ages 11+ is the Land Rover Defender from the LEGO Technic range. Features authentically designed bodywork with Land Rover emblems.

best toys 8-11

Fortnite Jumbo Llama Pinata

This is a 63cm tall llama pinata which includes 100 pieces. Tear it open, dig through the confetti and reveal your loot. For Fortnite fans aged 8+.

best toys 9-11 years

Nerf Fortnite RL

Inspired by the blaster used in the very popular Fortnite video game. This new Nerf fires foam rockets and is for kids over 8 years.

best toys 9-11 years

Echobot Voice Messenger

We love these for a stocking filler or small gift. The Echobot records voice messages up to 10 seconds long. It plays them back when motion is detected. Great for kids aged 8+.

Best Toys 9-11 years


Skill-building craze that will keep them busy for hours.

Best presents 9-11 years

Scratch Magic Note Cube

Love these scratch magic note cube. Would make a great smaller gift or stocking filler.

Best toys 9-11 years

Science MAD Chemistry Lab

Voted Best Educational Toy in the BlogOn Toy Awards 2019. Includes more than 100 experiments for the budding scientist. For ages 10+.

best toys 9-11 years

Nexo Climbing Robot

New for Autumn 2019, the Nexo Climbing Robot lets you build a gravity-defying robot which will walk vertically up smooth surfaces.

Best Toys 9-12 years

Cricket Set

For ages 8-11, this cricket set from Gunn & Moore includes all weather rubber ball, stumps and bat.

best toys 9-11 years

Alex Toys Bead and Weave

best toys 9-11

Massive bracelet making kit from Alex. For ages 8+.

LEGO Batman Batcave

best toys 9-11

New LEGO Batman Batcave. Batman’s batcave includes a batcomputer, weapons room, trophy room and detachable transformation tower and jail modules, plus the bat-tank and six minifigures.

Crazy Chic Nail Art

Best toys 9-11

A modern console for budding Nail Art professionals, with a nail varnish application machine, glitter gun and dryer. Also includes varnishes, decorating pen, stencils and glitter. Nail varnish can be removed easily using water and mild soap.

Game Of Thrones 3D Puzzle

Best toys kids 9-11

Here at Must Have Toys, we are very keen on 3D puzzles. Game of Thrones fans will love these new 3D puzzles available in Red Keep (shown), Winterfell and King’s Landing. We think these are going to be big this Autumn/Christmas 2019 for kids aged 8+.

LEGO Movie 2 Movie Maker

For fans of LEGO Movie 2 aged 8+. This is an exciting LEGO set where you can build a stage and film your own movie. One of the Hero Toys 2019.

Top New Toys 2019

Clementoni Science Museum Robomaker

For children aged 10+. New in 2018, this innovative laboratory brings incredible intelligent robots to life.

best toys 9-11

Kumi Kreator Friendship Bracelet Set

Make friendship bracelets with this easy to use set for children over 8.

Best gifts children 9-11

Razor Kids Jetts Heel Wheels

Featuring on the list of Hero Toys from The Toy Fair 2018. Suitable for ages 8+.

Best New Toys 9-11

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – iTop

The i-Top is the only puzzle to feature in John Lewis’s Christmas Toy List. Be warned, it’s pretty addictive. It’s also on our list of Latest Toy Crazes.

best toys children 9-11

Nerf Laser Pro Alphapoint

Nerf is a mega-brand in children’s toys and always features on the Christmas Lists of the top stores. This is only product to feature on the lists of John Lewis, Amazon and Argos. Here’s the new Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint which gives players everything they need to face off in head-to-head live-action laser battles right out of the box.

Christmas Toys John Lewis

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018 – Sparkle Science

Five glittering experiments including a glittering lava lamp.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Harry Potter LEGO

Amazon Choice Product. The famous Hogwarts Great Hall from the Harry Potter Films. New for 2018.

best toys 9-11

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Hexbug Battlebots

TOTY Finalist – Mums Choice Award Winner 2017 (Ages 8-11, over £20) – Winner in the RC category at the 2018 BlogOn Awards. Includes two remote control robots.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – LEGO Elves Hideout

Includes two mini-doll figures – Plus Rimlin the Goblin, Sapphire the Dragon, Lula the Baby Dragon and Lil Blue.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Gravitrax

Use the Gravitrax starter set to create incredibly demanding ball runs. On the list of Christmas Toys John Lewis for ages 8+. This is also an Amazon Choice toy. See our page on STEM toys.

best toys 9-11

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Fab Lab Glitter Tattoos

Mega-pack includes 25 glitter stencils, 6 glitter colours, 120 metallic tattoos and 3 sparkly solvent free nail polishes – Great for sleepovers and parties.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Solar System

STEAM Educational Toy – Build your own glow in the dark solar system planetarium model of 30 cm span – Under £15.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Pocket Microscope

20x – 40x zoom magnification – Touch-button ultra-bright LED illuminator – Under £10.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Spirograph

Amazon Choice Product – Classic Must-Have art tool – With storage case.

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Dinkee Linkee Game

Junior version (ages 8+) version of the hit game Linkee – Two mins to learn, 30 mins to play – No waiting for your turn!

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018



Amazon Choice Product – The only LEGO set in Dream Toys 2017 – Ages 10-16 years.

Best Toys Children 9-11 years 2018

Monopoly Ultimate Banking

Tap Touch Technology and cashless technology – It’s Monopoly but not like the oldies know it!

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2018

Best Toys Children 9-11 Years 2019 – Crochet Art

Three crocheting projects – Instructions included – Ages 8+ – Under £15.

Crystal Maze Board Game

Now you can play the Crystal Maze at home! An assortment of mental, mystery, skill and physical challenges. Suits players aged 10-adult.

best toys children 9-11 years

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