Black Friday Toy Deals

What Is Black Friday And Where Are The Best Deals?

Black Friday 2019 is 29 November. In the meantime, see all the daily toy deals on Amazon [disclosure].

Black Friday Toy Deals

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is traditionally the day following Thanksgiving Day in the US. Thanksgiving Day is always the fourth Thursday in November and it’s a big celebration. If you’re looking for Black Friday Toy Deals, you’re in the right place.

Since the 1950’s Black Friday has been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Traditionally, retailers open early and slash prices. For the last few years, the concept of Black Friday has been marketed to UK shoppers who now recognise it as the time to bag a bargain.

So, you may remember seeing news stories about huge crowds fighting over goods in stores on Black Friday. Of course, this doesn’t happen online – although many deals are timed or only have limited availability. It’s a good idea to plan exactly what you want in advance of Black Friday.

Black Friday Toy Deals could include the toys that appear on the Christmas Lists.

Remember Cyber Monday too

Together with Black Friday, there is Cyber Mondaythe Monday after Black Friday. This is traditionally a big online shopping day, offering many deals for the consumer.

This looks set to be a key time to make online purchases and take advantage of great deals. However, no-one can be certain which goods will be discounted so if you’re looking for something specific you may have to watch daily deals.

To get Black Friday toy deals, you need to be prepared

Take note of the toys your children are talking about as the year goes on. You may be surprised how early some people start planning Christmas presents. However, the rise of social media means the top trends can come and go very quickly. You don’t want to buy something they desperately want in June and find it’s ‘out’ by December. This is especially true of the toy crazes.

Shop around for the best toy offers

Everyone likes a bargain but clever marketing means they are getting harder to find. Prices do go up and down so you need to keep an eye on toy offers from the major retailers. Signing up for deals is a good idea although you will find your inbox is flooded with offers which may or may not be any good. Most websites have a dedicated page for offers. Here’s Amazon’s Today’s Offers in Toys and Games. Also look at the sales pages on websites although note the ‘must have’ toys will probably not feature there.

Check social media for toy offers

I used to look for discount codes on the internet and often I’d be lucky. However, these searches now rarely find you offers unless you want to sign up to one of the large discount sites. Even when you do think you’ve found something, it’s often out of date and a bit of a time-waster. I’m finding that social media is far more immediate but you have to be quick. Toy offers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram don’t hang around for long.

Buy now and return later

Shrewd shoppers check the returns policy very carefully when they buy goods. Some products – including the ‘must have’ toys – can sell out very quickly so you could buy now at a good to fair price and then wait to see if better deals come up later on.

Get free postage

Buying online is more popular than ever. I like to go to shops to see the products in ‘the flesh’ and then go to the internet to get them cheaper. Try to get free P&P when you buy from the internet to cut costs. Amazon Prime offers free next day delivery on qualifying goods as well as access to a wide range of products, services and special discounts. Worth checking out if you buy a lot of stuff from them. It’s £7.99 a month and you can cancel any time so you could get it for a couple of months before Christmas.

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