Buying A Paddling Pool

By | June 3, 2018

What To Think About When Buying A Paddling Pool

The sun’s out and it’s looking good for the week. So, time to think about getting a paddling pool.

Here’s a list of things to look for when buying one. Always check the age suitability for each product carefully. Children should be under constant supervision when using any kind of pool or water-play.

The quality of the plastic in inflatable paddling pools can vary widely

Choose a good brand such as Intex or Bestway with a repair kit included.

Bestway Paddling Pool


Amazon’s best-seller

The Bestway rectangular pool is Amazon’s current best-seller. Comes in three sizes. Cover available separately.

Padding Pool

Pop-up pools take very little time to assemble

And unlike inflatables, don’t need a pump.

Beach Days Snap Set Paddling Pool


Frame pools are more sturdy, last longer and can be deeper

Check age suitability and supervise children at all times.

Intex mini frame pool with galvanised steel frame


Use a  chlorine-free water treatment

This will help to ensure the paddling pool water stays fresh.


Kiddy-safe paddling pool water treatment



A pool with a sunshade can be very useful

A good way to protect a young child’s skin from sun damage.

Intex Lazy Fish Baby Paddling Pool

Some paddling pools come with fun additions

This one has a water spray.

Whale Water Spray Paddling Pool


Some paddling pools are more than just paddling pools

This is a full-on water activity centre.

Intex Dinosaur water play centre


Electric pumps save on time and effort

A very good investment to ensure you don’t run out of puff.

Sidewinder Rapid Electric Pump For Inflatable Paddling Pools

Water-play tables are fun for hot days too

Little Tikes’ Fountain Fun Water Table is loaded with features and ways to play. With interchangeable pipes and fittings it promises to improve your toddler’s fine motor skills, sharing skills and their imagination.

paddling pool

We really like this Waterfall Discovery Wall by Step2. Children can allow their imagination to run wild as each water maze piece can be moved to create a new design. Scoop the water and watch it cascade through the spinners, zigzags and funnels on this double-sided water wall.

Paddling pool

Step2 are also the creators of this Paw Patrol water play table. Made in the USA, we know it is going to be very popular in the UK this summer. Help Ryder look for doggies in the water through the periscope on top of lookout tower and speed off down the water slide to rescue them.

Paddling Pool

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