Dobble – Simple ideas are often the best

By | October 15, 2017

Dobble is a must-have card game for holidays

I’ve been pinning card games – including Dobble – my family takes on holiday to a new board on Pinterest. Some are new ones I’ve just bought, some the kids have grown out of. The only card game we still take from years ago is Dobble.

The reason for this is simple: you don’t grow out of Dobble.

It’s as good for four-year-olds as it is for adults. Kids can spot the doubles as quickly as you can so you play on the same level. I think this makes it more fun.

I bought it five or six years ago in our local independent toy-shop. The owner had been to the US and played Dobble with friends. He loved it so much he brought it back. Sadly, the toy shop has now closed down but we are still playing Dobble.

My family’s old, battered set of Dobble

Dobble Card Game

If you’re wondering what the matching pair is here – it’s the four-leaf clover!

How to play

Dobble is basically a matching game. We play one basic game which involves shuffling the cards and taking two from the top. These are laid down either side of the pack.

You then have to find the matching picture. On every card there is one picture the same. But it might be a different size and this is what makes the game hard. In fact, it is a lot harder than it sounds.

First person to guess the double shouts “DOBBLE” and they are the winner!

Other mini-games

If you’re someone who reads instructions, you’ll find other ‘mini’ games suggested there. If this is the only game you take on holiday, these extra games might be a real bonus.

Amazon Best-seller

Dobble is the best-selling game in travel games at the time of writing.

You can also get a kids’ version with fewer pictures on each card and where the pictures are more ‘kid-friendly’, for example dinosaurs and bunny rabbits. There’s a Star Wars version and, believe it or not, a waterproof version for the beach.

Whichever one you choose, I hope your family enjoys it as much as ours does.


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