Elf On The Shelf

By | September 12, 2019

What Is The Elf On The Shelf Tradition?

Elf On The Shelf is a Christmas tradition that’s taking off in the UK. In 2004, Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell wrote a book about an elf sent by Santa to watch over them at Christmas time. Written in rhyme, the keepsake book also includes an Elf toy.

The original Elf On The Shelf

elf on the shelf

The basic idea is that Santa sends this elf to your house in the run-up to Christmas. The elf sits on a shelf – or other good vantage point – so he can check on the behaviour of the children of the house. Every night, the elf travels back to the North Pole to give Santa his report. When the kids get up in the morning, he’s returned – but he may have changed position.

The official Elf On The Shelf team has brought out a number of new products and accessories for this Christmas.

Elf Sleeping Bag

Your kids will enjoy putting Elf to bed in his starry Christmas sleeping bag. But will he still be there when they get up the next day?

elf on the shelf

Letters To Santa

This is an Amazon Choice Product that came out last year. Kids write their Christmas letters on special paper which shrinks when Mum or Dad pops it in the oven. The small notes are attached to your elf with ribbons so they don’t fall off when he flies to the North Pole.

elf on the shelf

North Pole Breakfast Party Pack

Elf on the shelf

Elf On The Shelf Advent Calendar

Elf on the shelf

Elf On The Shelf is huge on social media

The hide and seek element of Elf On The Shelf has really taken off on the likes of Instagram at Christmas. See the fabulous Elf On The Shelf feed for the antics of the elves. Sometimes, they are rather naughty themselves. Users compete to post the funniest pictures of exactly what the elves have been up to during the night.

If you’ve got children, chances are you will have threatened to tell Santa when they misbehave. This is a way of outsourcing that responsibility while giving you all a bit of a laugh.

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